Hello Monday + Weekly Meal Plan Menu

Hello Friends!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We were pretttttty busy all weekend, and I’m sitting here Monday morning wishing I just had ONE more day to recover before we started our week!  Here’s what I’m saying hello to today:

Hello Essential Oils

I started feeling achy and getting a sore throat and headache yesterday, so I have been diffusing oils all night long and all day today trying to avoid a trip to the doctor!  I have several friends that sell Doterra, and they have been showering me so generously with samples of oils that I don’t have yet (I just got a starter set of oils and a diffuser for Christmas), and suggestions for combinations to diffuse and apply topically.  Honestly, I am already feeling better than I did this morning, so if you see me and I smell heavily of On Guard, you’ll know why!

Hello Slower Week

Last week was incredibly busy, which, don’t get me wrong, I am TOTALLY thankful for, but I am happy that this week ought to be a little bit more low key!  I have two new clients that I start working with this week, so I am happy to have a lot more office time this week.

Hello Bible Reading!

Our church provides it’s 2nd graders with Bibles in a special ceremony each year.  By 2nd grade, they say, kids are learning to read pretty well, and can begin to navigate the Bible on their own and with their parents help.  So Brantley got her Bible in church this last Sunday, and she has not put it down!  It really is a fun and interesting little Bible and she was having so much fun reading stories last night and telling us all about Joseph and his “rainbow coat,” Noah’s ark and a few other stories she had a;ready learned.  Friday night, she and I will go to a special class at church, where she’ll learn how to use her Bible and all the wonderful things she can learn from it.  I am extremely confident that I’ll learn as much as her!!

And I have also been getting into my Bible more since the beginning of the year (though Brantley’s Bible is way more fun than mine :)).  I started a One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan that started on January 1st, where you read the entire Bible, in chronological order, over the course of a year.  I have been wanting to do it for a long time, and though I also have another devotional that picks certain verses and ideas that I can apply to my life for each day, I really wanted to read the Bible, from start to finish, and learn about all the stories, and people, and learn the Word of God from start to finish.  I have read a few chapters every morning, and it’s been wonderful!  Once I get the kids up and ready and off to school, I come back home, sit at my desk, and open my Bible to read a couple chapters, and then do my devotional.  I have read through Genesis and Job so far, and only 64 more books to go, haha!  But that’s 2 more books of the Bible than I have ever read before, and you have to start somewhere!  It makes for a great start to my day and I am really enjoying it.


Some of my meal plan recipes are duplicates from last week, because we had a few free-for-all kind of leftover nights last week, and we didn’t get to all my dinners!  And pizza at church on Friday night will make for a pretty simple week of dinners. 🙂

Monday- Mexican Chicken and Rice Soup with Tortilla Chips

Tuesday- Grilled Chicken with Three Bean Quinoa Salad

Wednesday- Sausage and Cabbage Skillet with Bacon Roasted Potatoes

Thursday- Taco Fiesta Bubble Up Casserole and Salad with Salsa Ranch

Friday- Pizza at Church 🙂

Hope y’all have a great week!

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