Friday Favorites: Comedy Specials

It’s no secret that I love watching TV, and I am a huge fan of Netflix.  When I run out of TV shows to watch and need something a little lighter than a documentary, I love to watch comedy specials and have several favorites that I thought I’d share four with you today for my Friday Favorites post!

1. Louis CK- Anything

Any of his comedy specials.  Any of them.  They are hilarious. They may start out a little slow, and his jokes can be a little uncomfortable at times, but by the end of his show, you will be laughing out loud.  There are currently 4 available to view on Netflix, and you should binge watch them all.  And then binge his show Louis (on Hulu, I think).  Very dry, very sarcastic, and so, so funny.

2. Jim Gaffigan- Anything

Again, anything of Jim Gaffigan’s is so, so funny.  He is very self-deprecating and has a pretty clean and family-friendly comedy routine.  He is a father of five and gives you insight into his life, and if you’re a parent, you can automatically relate in the funniest of ways.  There are 5 comedy specials of his on Netflix right now, and they are all so funny, and totally worth watching.

3.  John Mulaney- The Comeback Kid

John Mulaney and I are the same age, so I feel like I can relate to a lot of his humor.  And in his latest comedy special, The Comeback Kid, he talks a lot about Bill Clinton’s first run for president, which was the first presidential election I really remember being interested in at all (though I was far more partial to George HW Bush…).  He is so funny, and like Jim Gaffigan, is quick to make fun of himself as well, which makes him even funnier!

4. Ali Wong- Baby Cobra

I am new to Ali Wong, but was looking for something funny to watch, so I clicked on one of my “suggested shows” based on the other comedy shows I’d watched before.  And man, did I luck out finding her special!!  She is this teeny little pregnant Asian lady with raunchy, yet completely hilarious stories, and I found myself laughing out loud, so hard, and so many times, at her routine!  Totally worth watching.

Anyone have any other suggestions??  I’m always up for something new to watch!

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