Almost-End-of-the-Week Randoms

Hello!  After the long weekend, we have been working like crazy and staying SUPER busy every day!  I can’t wrap my head around an actual post quite yet this week, but how about a bit of a brain dump and some almost-end-of-the-week randoms?


  • I just watched (and finished) The OA on Netflix.  SO GOOD!!!  Especially if you like a little sci-fi nonsense like I do. 🙂  What should I watch next?


  • I kinda decided all of a sudden to quit snapchat.  I know, I know, after I said I loved it so much (and I did!), and was on it a bunch!  But Instagram is really my fave, and after giving Instastories a bit of a try, it’s just so much easier to stay within one app and do the same thing I could do on snapchat!  Honestly, I was just getting lazy about switching back and forth when I could just post pictures AND videos on Insta!  So I won’t be hanging around Snapchat much anymore, but feel free to follow my stories on Instagram!  It’s a lot of cooking, and the kids, you know, the ususal. 🙂


  • Scott and I had the best kid-free weekend over MLK!  All three kids (and my niece!) went to Blue Ridge with my parents on Saturday afternoon, and we had the house to ourselves!  We went to the Farmer’s Market and got fresh fish and veggies for a great adults-only dinner at home, which was so nice.  And QUIET!  All weekend we kept remarking how quiet the house was, and that it seemed so empty! Sunday morning we went to Athens and had a lovely brunch date, shopped in a few bookstores, and then came home.  I got so many little things accomplished around the house that I have been putting off and putting off, we even got to sleep in a bit on Monday!  It was just the right amount of time- enough to get some good quality time in with Scott, and to miss the kids just a little. 🙂  The perfect parent refresher weekend!

  • The kids are SUPER into reading right now.  They each got a set of books for Christmas, and have burned through them, so during our kid-free weekend, we hit up a GREAT used bookstore in Athens and bought them a ton more.  We’re seeing this kind of sight a lot this week, and it is absolutely melting my heart:

  • I was selected to test out a new women’s pattern over the weekend!  I’ll let you in on more details soon, but it was SO.MUCH.FUN. to sew up a garment for a pattern designer whose patterns I have used and loved in the past!  When the opportunities arise, and I actually have the time to take advantage of them, I LOVE testing new patterns and helping out a bit with the design process.  Plus I have a fun new garment to wear, too!


  • We have been doing a pretty good job of eating well since the first of the year (yeah, it’s only been a little over 2 weeks, but it’s something).  One of my favorite meals was this HUGE salad with roasted beets and butternut squash, grilled chicken, kale, quinoa, green onions, a hard boiled egg, and Bolthouse Farms blue cheese dressing.  SO filling, delicious, and so healthy!


  • I have been on a home decor DIY binge lately too.  I have recovered our kitchen/dining room/my office chairs, added a counterbalance to our kitchen bench so it won’t flip over when the kids sit on it, and I have been moving tables and pictures, and decor items around.  I like kind of changing things up around the house this time of year, but I don’t want to put a lot of money (or any!) into the changes.  I just like to shake things up with what we’ve got, and I can usually make it work just by moving around things we already have and use them in different places or in different ways!  I have also been just tossing copious amounts of trash, broken toys, old random items, and getting some of this clutter OUT of the house!

And that’s about all I’ve got for today!

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