Thanks for the Memories, 2016, Hello 2017–Happy New Year!

Everyone keeps talking about how 2016 was such a horrible year, and everyone is so ready for 2016 to be over, but 2016 was a great year for our family!  Did it have it’s challenges?  Absolutely (what year doesn’t?).  But, 2015 was a HARD year for us, and we worked really hard through 2016 and made it work, and are now that much more excited for the year to come!  Not because 2016 was bad, but because it was GOOD, and we know 2017 will be even better!

Here are some memorable moments from our lives from 2016:

January- My handsome nephew William Ramsey was born!  Cannot BELIEVE he is about to turn one!!

 Also in January, my Dad beat cancer for the SECOND time.  Take that, cancer.

February- Scott took Brantley to her second Father-Daughter Dance at school.

Then Gracie got a special date night out with Daddy too!

March- Three cute kiddos started the church soccer league!!

And we had a very special Easter in March 2016, when all three kids were Baptized in our church.  Definitely a highlight of the year.

April- We planted our annual garden!

We went to Blue Ridge for a few days during Spring Break and went to the fair!

We ate until we were stuffed at Food Truck Friday in Monroe!

May- We kicked it off by celebrating Mother’s Day. 🙂

Scott took Ben to his first Braves game!

Gracie Girl turned FIVE!

Scott and I went out to eat at Five & Ten in Athens (our fave) to celebrate my birthday!

And we finished off the month having a joint birthday party for Brantley and Grayson with an outdoor movie!

 June- We went to the Monroe Farmer’s Market almost every weekend!

We took our 7 YEAR OLD on a special weekend away to Louisville, and loved every moment (on her 7th birthday, she had been to 7 states!).

We went on our first beach vacation of the summer- to Edisto Beach, Sc with our Luton family!

Scott and I had a fun date night at a gala at the Georgia Aquarium!

July- We had a wonderful Fourth of July in the mountains!

Then we went on our second beach trip of the summer, to St. Augustine/Ponte Vedra, FL with our Midkiff family!

The girls and I started cheerleading with Cheer Camp.

We went to the Laser Show at Stone Mountain (which MUST become an annual summer tradition!).

August- Grayson started Kindergarten…

…and Brantley started 2nd grade!

Scott and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary with a fun weekend in Asheville and Charlotte.

Then Bennett started 3 Year-Old Preschool.

We threw a surprise party for Scott’s 40th birthday (which was a HUGE success!!).

September- We celebrated Labor Day with a fun trip to the zoo.

We went to Legoland for Ben’s 4th Birthday!

Scott and I took a (business) trip to Washington, DC!

October- We went to the Monroe Fall Festival (even though it definitely still felt like summer!).

And went apple picking in Ellijay over fall break!

We had an awesome Halloween as Anger, Joy, and Sadness from Inside Out.

November- I VOTED!!

We watched the cutest little turkey in the Kindergarten performance. 🙂

Spent time with both sides of the family for Thanksgiving.

December- We had breakfast with Santa!

We celebrated with our Luton family…

…and rode the train in Blue Ridge and celebrated with our Midkiff family!

We had the best Christmas to date, at home. 🙂

And not only all these things, but Scott started a brand new job/adventure/opportunity that has been a lot of work, but so fulfilling and such a wonderful blessing for our family.  Big things are on the horizon for him in 2017.  And I started a brand new company half way through 2016, and have experienced a lot of growth and a lot of success.  I have two additional clients on the docket for 2017, so 2016 was a great start, but 2017 is going to be a game-changer!

I know it sounds cliche, but we are beyond blessed.  It’s true, and I am not ashamed to admit it.  Our children are healthy, beautiful, smart, and kind, our marriage is not perfect by any means, but it is stronger than it’s ever been with more love and mutual admiration than ever.  We have an amazing church home and a small group of amazing people that we “Share A Life Together” with.  We have amazing families, and wonderful friends, a couple of so-so dogs (haha!), and we truly thank God every day for the many blessings in our life.

So Happy New Year to you and yours.  No matter how 2016 treated you, I pray that 2017 brings you all the joy and love and happiness in the world.  Here’s to 2017!!

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