#NoodlesSprinklesandSparkles: Elf on the Shelf Recap

Hi Friends!  We had a big time with our elves, Noodles, Sprinkles, and Sparkles this year.  Thought I’d share all the adventures they went on, the treats, they brought, and the fun we had!

On Day One, the elves brought a letter, they introduced their new elf door, and brought chocolate advent calendars for the kids.

Day 2- The elves and their friends had a sack race through the kitchen!

Day 3- Noodles, Sprinkles, and Sparkles brought fun Christmas socks for the kiddos.

Day 4- The elves hid 12 candy canes throughout the den, and the kids had to hunt to find them (this was a BIG hit!).

Day 5- We caught the elves playing poker (AWESOME elf cards free printable found here)!

Day 6- The elves brought the kids donuts, and brought elf-sized donuts for themselves (elf sized donut box free printable here)!

Day 7- The elves brought cute little trees for the kids to decorate with Christmas stickers!

Day 8- Noodles read the original Elf on the Shelf book to a bunch of toy friends (another AMAZING free printable of the elf-sized Elf on the Shelf Book!  Easy to assemble with a glue stick)!

Day 9- The elves brought the kids cute Christmas stationary to write letters to Santa

Day 10- Those crazy elves were rolling down the stairs in toilet paper rolls!

Day 11- They caught a little extra sleep in our stockings!

Day 12- The elves brought a Christmas popcorn tin- one of my favorite treats!

Day 13- Another treat- Christmas coloring books!

Day 14- The elves tried to help pack lunches (with only candy!).

Day 15- Sprinkles and Sparkles got a Frozen photo session with Noodle the photographer (great free Frozen photo booth printable here).

Day 16- The elves packed themselves in the presents so we wouldn’t forget them on our trip to visit family!

Day 17- We were sick and got a late start on our trip, and the elves crash landed into the tree on their way back from the North Pole. 🙂

Day 18- The elves brought the kids and their cousins a reindeer headband making kit!

Day 19- The elves thought a Gingerbread Nativity Set would be a different spin on the Gingerbread House!

Day 20- The elves were kicked back watching a Christmas movie when we got up!

Day 21- The elves were playing a game of Elf Twister with their friends (another cute free printable here)!

Day 22- As per our tradition, the elves brought the kids matching Christmas pajamas!

Day 23- The elves were playing in sprinkles and cookie cutters, ready to make cookies for Santa!

Day 24- On Christmas Eve, the elves brought the kiddos their very own personalized elf cookie!


I really did have a lot of fun with the elves this year.  It does take some time and a bit of planning (I get a lot of the treats from the Target Dollar Section and the Dollar Store), but I have accumulated so many ideas from Pinterset that even when it’s late and I hadn’t moved the elves yet, I had a lot of options to draw from.  And even so many fun things that I didn’t get around to!

And it may be overkill to some, but it really plays into the magic of Christmas for us.  Also- my kids are next to impossible to get up in the mornings (#notmorningpeople), but the first mention of seeing what the elf brought them/is doing/got into each morning made my kids hop right out of bed the whole month of December!  That pretty much made all the effort worth it, haha!  Now, just to figure out what to do until May!!

I hope you can find some new ideas to tuck away to use for your elves next year!

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