Friday Randoms

Hello!  Pardon me for the unexpected break…the first week of December has me all like WHOA.  Christmas shopping, party planning, football watching, a few unexpected work projects, throw in a little pink eye, and the ole blog gets away from me.  But, I am back today to share a few things going on, a few things I’m loving, and a few randoms thrown in too. 🙂

  • I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook the other night of my beloved glass photo ornaments!  Several people asked where I got them, and I thought I would share the link here if you want to order some of your own!  They are from Fat Cat Apparel on Etsy, and are VERY fragile, so be careful with them!  But they truly are priceless to me, and such treasures.  I get so sentimental this time of year, and this year especially for some reason!


  • Have you tried Halo Top Ice Cream??  If not, run out to your local Kroger right now, and buy a pint (or several).  It is a high-protein, low-calorie, low-fat ice cream that is SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS!!!  Most of the time you will lose me right away when you start talking about a low-fat ice cream, but take my word for it…this one is LEGIT.  The entire pint is between 240 and 320 calories based on the flavor, when most other brands are 240 calories for one serving (usually 4 servings in a pint)!!!  You can sit down, eat the whole damn thing, and not feel guilty at all.  I have tried the Oatmeal Cookie (vanilla ice cream with cinnamon and oatmeal chunks) and Peanut Butter Cup (chocolate ice cream with peanut butter chunks) and they are SO SO SO SO SO SO good.  Now I want ice cream.


  • Are you using Ebates?  If you shop online (who doesn’t?) there is NO REASON you shouldn’t sign up for Ebates!!  Once you sign up, it notifies you if you go to a site that PAYS YOU FOR SHOPPING THERE.  You receive a percentage of your purchase back through paypal or a check in the mail, and that’s that!  It’s so easy, and seriously free money.  Sign up here and you’ll receive $10 right off the bat!



  • Eggnog.  Love it.  Especially with a little (lot of?) rum and M&M Christmas cookies.


  • I am loving our Elf (Elves) on the Shelf this year!  I have gotten some great inspiration on Pinterest this year (don’t there seem to be so many new good ideas this year?), and some fun printable elf “accessories” to make and use.  You can follow along with all our elf hijinks on Instagram (#noodlestheelf and #noodlessprinklesandsparkles) and I think I’ll do a great big round up of all the fun things our elves have done over the whole holiday season after Christmas.


  • So, Ben got pink eye over the weekend.  Not fun, poor guy.  But we did have the opportunity to try out Doctor on Demand, which ended up being pretty awesome.  Doctor on Demand is an online service that allows you to video chat with a doctor, a real MD, and have a consultation in the comfort of your own home, rather than having to make a doctor’s appointment, and drag your poor kid (or yourself, for that matter!) through a germy waiting room!  We were registered online and speaking with a doctor in 10 minutes, that diagnosed Ben with pink eye, and sent his prescription to our local Walgreens for me to run through the drive-thru and pick up.  It was that easy.  It is a flat $50 (some insurance will cover a portion or the entire fee), which is just a bit more than our co-pay, and totally worth it for the convenience of not having to get Ben out on a cold, rainy Sunday!  It’s worth a shot, especially for something like pink eye, where you more or less know what the problem is, and you just need a prescription.  Feel free to use my code : amanda1193 for $10 your first visit!


  • How are you doing on your Christmas shopping?  I am so close to being done I can taste it.  I am so anxious to have everyone marked off my list so I can just get last minute stocking stuffers and low-stress extras, haha.


  • I am in love with Christmas printables this year!  They were all the rage in my house when Pinterest first came out, then I needed a little detox from them.  But I printed out the one above, this one, and this one  for a little Christmas Carol Printable trio.  I have them hung together in my den and they make me so happy!

I think that’s about all I can muster today before I pass out from extreme exhaustion, sheesh!  Have a  great weekend, and back to normal posting next week!


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