Things I Like

Happy Veterans Day and Happy Friday, friends!  We have the day off from school today, so my trio is home and we are relaxing in our jammies and making cards for our favorite veteran, my husband, Scott!  The kids are beginning to understand what Veteran’s Day means, and are SO proud to have one as their very own Daddy!

So I thought I’d get back to another little series I started a while back- just a list of things I am really liking right now.  Read along and share your own list if you’d like!


Picking Apples- We picked apples last month in Ellijay, Georgia with my mom, and we all had so much fun!  I am still using up apples in recipes and in lunchboxes.  I plan on sharing some of our favorite apple recipes next week.

Fall Scented Candles- I LOVE candles, but really don’t burn them except when it’s cold outside.  But I have a Pumpkin Apple Bread and a Pumpkin Nutmeg Pie Candle on my desk, and they are amazing.

Coffee at 3pm- I love coffee all the time, and it’s basically a requirement for functioning in the morning, but I love just a small cup of hot coffee in the afternoons, now that it’s chilly out, to get me through the rest of the day.

SQUASH- I am kind of obsessed with squash right now!  I have made two different soups with butternut squash (this one and this one) that have both been homeruns, we have roasted it at least three different times for a side dish, and are having it tonight in a salad with roasted chicken, kale, pepitas, sharp cheddar, and cranberries.  I have been pinning spaghetti squash recipes like crazy, and are trying out a Pepperoni Pizza Spaghetti Squash recipe next week (and if you have any other spaghetti squash recipes that you love, send them my way!).  It is like the honorary vegetable of the fall, and I think they are all so delicious.  And SO good for you!

Nude Peep Toe Booties- It’s allllllmost getting too chilly to wear them, but on these fall days that it’s still pretty warm in the afternoons, I love the look of peep toe booties that go with just everything- jeans and dresses alike.

Target Dollar Section- Also known as the “Just leave your entire wallet right here, Amanda” section. #amirite?

Apple Cider and Salted Caramel Vodka- Easiest and tastiest fall cocktail for, I don’t know, a lovely Friday evening?  You’re welcome.

Cozy Suede and Sherpa Slippers- I usually go barefoot inside the house until it gets cold, and then I am all about my slippers!  I love these and these and have a pair on as I write this!

Black Mirror on Netflix- Netflix is KILLING IT right now.  Black Mirror is actually a BBC series, and is an updated Twilight Zone of sorts for the digital age.  They just released a new season and it is SO GOOD.  It really speaks to the effect that technology and social media has on us and is so fascinating and kinda scary.  I also just finished Glitch, and WHOA IT IS AWESOME.  It’s only 6 episodes, so not a ridiculous time investment if you want to binge watch it, say, this weekend?!  And after the last episode, I am DYING for Season 2!  I am about to start The Crown, which I have heard such awesome things about.

Small Town Family Businesses- Our favorite little nearby small town, Monroe, has opened several new shops in their adorable downtown.  I haven’t made it over there yet, but am SO excited to check them out.  I love supporting small town, local family businesses, and can’t wait to get some Christmas shopping done with them soon.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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