Links I Love

Who doesn’t love a little online quiz or an infographic here and there?  So here are some of my favorite links across the interwebs to browse if/when you have the time…

I am so into smoothies (and so are the kids!), and this infographic shows the proper layering technique for a properly blended smoothie.  Excellent!

Times my kids want to talk to me.

Homemade Hummus Hack.  Do you ever make your own hummus?  I am for sure going to try this!

This documentary is so emotional and absolutely heartbreaking.  A must see (watch it on Netflix).  But don’t forget the tissues.

Are you right brained or left brained (I use both sides equally, for the record)?

Don’t waste that leftover coffee (I make mocha smoothies with mine)!!

Have you seen those “magical recipes” on Pinterest and Facebook that claim to be “amazing pancakes with only 2 ingredients!” and the likes?  Here are five of the most popular ones tested out for you.

Word Aversions.  Are your least favorites listed (Mine are–and one sentence in particular about made me gag!)??

ALL TRUE, hahahaha…Drink up.

I was House Stark (sweet!), which house do you belong to?

I am totally trying these chip and cheese pairings.

Love and totally agree with this list of 15 Ways to Be a Better Person (especially #2!)

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