Halloween Celebrations Recap

We had quite a streak of Halloween celebrations this year!  I have to admit, I am glad it’s passed and that we’re moving on to Thanksgiving and Christmas (can you even believe we are here already?!), but we had so much fun while it lasted!  Here’s a little recap of all the fun we had:


Harvest Festival and Pumpkin Math Day 



Last Thursday, we had such a fun (but-OMG-exhausting!) day at Ben’s preschool for their annual Harvest Festival, and then in Grayson’s Kindergarten class for Pumpkin Math!


We started out doing fun craft stations with the kids, and then we headed outside to the pumpkin patch.


This cutie snagged the perfect pumpkin!  Once we got cute photos in the pumpkin patch, we headed back inside for a special snack.


Ben had the best morning at school, and it was doubly nice for me, since I didn’t have to run back and forth between to classes with two kids in preschool!  I could give him plenty of attention, and he loved it.  So did I. 🙂

Then after Ben got out of school, it was time to head straight to the elementary school to help out with Pumpkin Math in Gracie’s class!


We got into groups, and measured the pumpkin, weighed it, made a bunch of estimations, and then we got to cut into it, scoop all the seeds out, and count them.  You’d think that the boys would be the ones digging in and getting messy, but they didn’t want to touch the yucky, slimy pumpkin insides.  It was all the girls!!



We counted over 500 seeds in our pumpkin, and then I carved it for our table.  They had such a fun time, and it was so fun to observe Grayson in her classroom!  I love that she is not nearly as shy as she used to be and is growing in her confidence!  So proud of my girl. 🙂


It’s days like these that you really have A LOOOOOOT of respect for our wonderful teachers (not that I don’t the rest of the time)!!!  I am so thankful that all three kids have had such wonderful teachers that give our kids such fun opportunities for learning!

Trunk or Treat at the Elementary School and Yellow River Game Ranch

Scott’s parents came to visit on Friday, and came with us to Brantley and Grayson’s school Trunk or Treat that night!  It was the first time the kids got to put their costumes on, and they were so excited.  The kids were the characters from the movie Inside Out…


Ben was Anger,


Gracie was Sadness,


and Brantley was Joy!  They really got into their characters, haha!


We got to the school early which was PERFECT because the Trunk or Treat was a huge success!  TONS of kids, and the kids had such a fun time!






Scott and Pop observed while Nana and I did all the work keeping up with the kids!


The kids got a great start to their candy collection, even finishing early!

Saturday morning we got up and headed out to the Yellow River Game Ranch about a half an hour from our house.  They have lots of very tame and people-friendly animals that you can feed.  The kids LOVE it!


The deer come right up to you and will eat out of your hands!  It’s a little scary (what if they just snap and take a chunk out of your hand??!) but pretty awesome!  The deer are especially sweet.




We also saw coyotes (can’t feed them!), three black bears, lots of ducks, peacocks, llamas, goats, donkeys, bison, bobcats, rabbits, and more!









We had such a fun time, and enjoyed our day outside with Nana and Pop!  We headed home, relaxed a bit, and watched football the rest of the day.

Grayson United Methodist Church Trunk or Treat 

We took it easy on Sunday until it was time to head to our church Trunk or Treat Sunday afternoon!  We were one of the “trunks” and giving out candy for our first time, so we got there early to set up.


Mommy participated for the church Trunk or Treat!  The kids stayed in character again really well–


Sadness (with a little chocolate on her face, haha!!)






and Disgust!!

The kids and I went around and trick or treated while Scott gave out candy, and then they got tired (it was pretty hot), and got more excited about handing out the candy to other kids than getting it!




After we were done handing out candy (we ran out!), Brantley ran off with one of her little friends, then we caught back up with her and she and Ben went jumping in bouncy houses.  Gracie stuck with Scott and I, got rid of her blue wig, and chowed down on a hotdog with us!  Get it, Gracie!



Handing out candy and eating hotdogs just wore little Gracie girl out!

We headed home and at the Sheet Pan Nachos that I had on our meal plan yesterday, and MAN were they GOOD!!!  That is the only way I will be making nachos from now on.


Brantley made a great looking bite, and said, “mom! Take a picture of it!” Hahaha, a little blogger in the making. 🙂


We finished nachos, watched a little Star Wars, and headed to bed!

Halloween!  Finally!

Monday hardly even seemed like Halloween since we had been celebrating for 4 days already!!  The girls had school all day, got home, we ate pizza and watched The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and headed back out for the grand finale!


After her exhausting day out on Sunday, Gracie had just had enough!  I asked her if she wanted to go trick or treating or if she wanted to stay home, she said “stay home.”  I said, you don’t want to go trick or treating? She said, “no, I’m tired of it.” Hahahaha!  I can’t blame her at all though, I was over it too!  But she and Scott had a big time sitting in the driveway handing out candy and listening to music.  It was very mild out, so I think they had a pretty good night!  And there was certainly no shortage of candy for her!


You can tell Brantley and Ben had lost considerable enthusiasm too, haha!  Ben is really good about going to bed on time, and he kept telling me that he was tired, and it was past his bedtime, haha!  We got home, washed the paint off the kids faces, and they didn’t even want to organize and divide up their candy (my favorite part!!), they ALL just wanted to go to bed!  Although we had such a fun few days celebrating Halloween, it just wore the kids out– and me and Scott too!

Halloween 2016 will be one that goes down in the books for sure.  We had a bunch of fun, but are looking forward to an even better holiday season!  Thanksgiving and Christmas, here we come!!

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