10th Anniversary Weekend

Hello Friends!  I was radio-silent last week as I got a bunch of work done and prepped for a long weekend away!  Want to hear more about it??

Scott and I were able to get away for a long weekend to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversay this past weekend!  He had a work conference in Charlotte, so I was lucky enough to be able to tag along for the weekend, and we turned it into a fun weekend celebrating our marriage!  My awesome in-laws came and were able to hold down the fort here at the house with the kiddos, and we were able to get out of town Thursday just before noon.  We drove up to Asheville, NC, which I have wanted to visit for quite some time, and stayed our first night there.  We had reservations at the Haywood Park Hotel, which was a converted Department Store!  It was an amazing hotel right in downtown Asheville, with a ridiculously big room, and free champagne at check-in (won me over right there).

2016-08-18 15.10.38

2016-08-18 15.12.19

So we rested for a few minutes, got changed and got ready to head out for our anniversary dinner a day early!

2016-08-18 16.59.23

We headed out for an awesome dinner at the Lobster Trap in downtown Asheville.  We wanted something a little more casual, and we certainly wanted a bunch of oysters and a good wine list!  They definitely had both.

We started out with Dirty Martinis, which is one of our favorite cocktails (we rarely drink them, but do have them on our anniversaries!).

Then we ordered a dozen oysters, and then a dozen more, haha!  We love New England oysters- we think they are smaller, cleaner, and have a less fishy taste than those from the Gulf.  And we love horseradish, and always ask for an extra huge scoop in our cocktail sauce.

Next, we ordered a clam and mussels steam pot  and lobster stuffed mushrooms, both of which were pretty good.  When we were at Five & Ten in Athens for my birthday, we ordered the most delicious bowl of clams and broth that we nearly slurped completely down.  These were good, but not quite as good as Five & Ten!  But garlicky, tasty broth and bread is always a winner for me.

Annnnnnndddd…then we ordered another dozen oysters.

For our entrees, Scott ordered a Salmon special, and I got the steamed lobster.  YUM.

We split a bottle of wine, finished our amazing dinner, and headed back to the hotel to a little bistro in the lobby, where we had dessert and a couple more drinks to top off the night!

Our first night out was wonderful, and we LOVED Asheville.  We are anxious to go back when we can spend a little bit more time!

But Friday morning, we were up and ready to head to Charlotte!  We stopped in Fort Mill, SC and spent a few hours with my brother in law and sister in law, and then headed to our hotel in downtown Charlotte, the Hyatt House.

We got complementary cheesecake in our room for our anniversary (SO nice and SO good!), so we ate it (duh), rested a bit, and headed out for some pizza on our official anniversary night!  We were super lame, but so tired from the night before, so we came back to the hotel, watched the Olympics for a bit, watched Dirty Dancing (my FAVORITE!!), and headed to bed early.  But it still made for a wonderful anniversary.  I was with my love, and we enjoyed our day together!

Saturday morning, Scott had to get up and head out to meetings all day, so I was able to lazily watch tv and lounge, then I got ready, and headed back to Fort Mill to have lunch and shop with my sister in law!  We ate sushi and had a few cocktails at lunchtime, then did a bit of shopping in Baxter Village, which was the cutest little retail/restaurant area near her neighborhood.   Such fun girl time, and we had a great time!  I headed back to Charlotte, and not too long after I got back Scott was done with his meetings and we headed out again!

We had a reservation with his colleagues to go to Exit Strategy in Charlotte.  It’s one of these places that have begun to pop up, where you get locked in a room for an hour with 7-8 other people, and you have to find clues to solve a murder or find clues to get out or whatever within the 60 minutes that you are in the room.  It is an interactive experience and we had SO much fun!!!  It was a little scary, but just at first (I am a totally weenie and can’t even watch scary movies anymore), but so cool, and such a fun night out that we definitely would have not done otherwise.  I would totally recommend going!!  We knew everyone in our group, and I think that was a definite advantage. I would go again with family, or a large group of friends or something- I don’t think it would be as fun with people you didn’t know.  But we had a GREAT time, and we beat our room!!!  We figured out the Who, What, Where, and Why of the murder!

2016-08-20 18.47.55-2

After our fun night out, and a long day for the both of us, we were just worn out!  We decided to hit up a local Trader Joe’s on our way back to the hotel (one of our old faves that we don’t get to visit nearly as often as we used to) to grab some wine, but once we started looking through the aisles, we thought we’d just make a dinner out of it!  We grabbed a baguette, some olive tapenade, spinach dip, beets, blue cheese, an onion, a couple salads, and with the salami, cheese, crackers, and pretzels we already had on hand, we had quite the “small plates” dinner in the hotel room!  We were so tired and so anxious to just lounge and eat in our jammies (yes, we are old and we are set in our ways), that it was perfect!

2016-08-22 16.41.40

Sunday morning we took our time getting ready to head out, but then hit the road after breakfast.  We got back home a little after 1 to relieve Nana and Pop, and see our three very favorite little people!  But they had been in very capable hands, and told us they had, in fact, NOT missed us, and wanted “just five more minutes” with Nana and Pop!  But they seemed to be pretty lovable and cuddly for “not missing us,” and wanted to tell us all about their fun weekend.

We were so thankful to have time away over our special anniversary, and enjoyed our tenth anniversary so much.  It’s hard to believe that we have been together that long, especially after looking back on pictures and reminiscing a lot over the weekend!  But Scott is truly an extention of me, and I of him after ten years.  We are a team, we are a unit, and being able to reconnect for the weekend without our everyday distractions was such a blessing.   We are more aligned and more in love than ever, and had a great weekend away.  Here’s to a DECADE, and here’s to many, MANY more!!

{{{Our Engagement Photo, 11 years ago!!!}}}

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