Quick and Easy Meals for Back to School

Life is getting busy ’round these parts.  School has started back, the girls have cheerleading twice a week, we meet weekly with our church small group, and all the little things in between.  And as much as I love meal planning, and I love cooking, I have to adjust my meals a bit because my energy level is just not quite there like it was during the summertime!  So, I have compiled a list of quick and easy go-to recipes that take very[Read more]

10th Anniversary Weekend

Hello Friends!  I was radio-silent last week as I got a bunch of work done and prepped for a long weekend away!  Want to hear more about it?? Scott and I were able to get away for a long weekend to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversay this past weekend!  He had a work conference in Charlotte, so I was lucky enough to be able to tag along for the weekend, and we turned it into a fun weekend celebrating our[Read more]

A New Venture- The Magnolia Marketing Group

Something had to change. It was late last fall, just when my Goat & Lulu Christmas pajama orders were rolling in, and I was clocking in 7-8 hours of solitary sewing time after the kids went to bed.  Every night.  Weekends too.  And I had been doing it for three solid years, all by myself.  As much as I loved my handmade children’s clothing business that I had built from scratch, from a few simple appliqued onesies into an etsy shop with[Read more]

Meal Plan Monday

Hello!  Happy Monday!  I tell you what, our first (half) week of school wore. me. out.  By Friday, we totally threw our meal plan out the window because cooking was about the furthest thing from what I wanted to do.  But we had a pretty low key weekend, so I am back on my meal planning game for the week ahead!  Here’s what we have on the menu: Zucchini Lasagna I have made this recipe a few times, and I[Read more]

Back to School Sweet Teacher Treats with a Free Printable!

We had such a wonderful first day of school yesterday!!  Brantley had her first day of 2nd grade, and my Gracie Girl started KINDERGARTEN (which blows my mind completely), and I met them in the car line yesterday afternoon, and they both had the biggest smiles that their little faces could bear.  But more on that later this week. 🙂  What I really want to share today is a sweet teacher treat and free printable to go along with it!![Read more]

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