Meal Plan Monday

Hellllloooooo Friends!  We are back from the beach (post coming soon!), and trying to get back into the swing of things since we only have  A WEEK AND A HALF of summer left!!!  Brantley and Grayson start 2nd grade and Kindergarten (WHAAAAAAT) a week from Wednesday, so we have 9 days to cram in the last bits of summer fun and back to school prep that we can!  And also a bit of down/relaxation time, since their little worlds are[Read more]

Lutons Lately

I keep feeling like I post a lot about my Monday meal planning, and things I like on Fridays, and other “series” type posts here and there, but I don’t post as much about the day-to-day randoms or the goings-on of our family as much anymore.  Maybe those posts take a bit longer to write and I don’t have a ton of time on my hands right now, but I thought I’d throw together another “Lutons Lately” to fill you[Read more]

Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Soooo… I’ll let you in on a secret.  Well, not a secret, but something I haven’t “announced” or posted about yet, or shared all over, but I have joined Weight Watchers (AGAIN) to shed this extra weight I have been holding onto (unwillingly, hahaha!).  We all know that I love food, I do not love to exercise, but daggumit, I have to find a happy medium if I am going to love the way I look (#thirtiesareFORREAL #amiright??).  SOOO… I[Read more]

We Need a Prayer

I don’t think I need to post about things I like today.  I think we all need a prayer.  And I am so glad that God can see directly into my heart and knows my thoughts, my worries, and my concerns, because I hardly even know what to say.  We need a prayer for our country.  A prayer for our families, for our children, for our friends, our government, our future, our communities. We don’t need another opinion piece about who is[Read more]

Brantley’s 7th Birthday

Last month, our big girl turned seven!  Her birthday was on a Saturday, and since Scott had an out-of-town work conference in Louisville, Kentucky the same weekend, we decided to treat Brantley to a little trip out of town by herself with mom and dad!  We didn’t tell her the big surprise until the day before, and she was SO EXCITED when she found out that she was going to get a special big girl trip for her special day!![Read more]

Things I Like

Who’s ready for the weekend??!!  After recovering from vacation, and having a busy week (what’s new), we’re ready for another break, hahaha!  We have plans for the weekend that include our local parade, fresh veggies, lots of red white and blue, a little trip to the mountains, and lots of relaxing!  On my list of things that I like this week, #11 could be long Fourth of July weekends, but that’s a given, right? 🙂 Big Brother- Our favorite show of[Read more]

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