Things I Like and a Little Rambling

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Happy Friday, friends.  To be honest, this week has been a struggle for me.  Between all the terrible events of this past week, the busy-ness of small business demands, the abrupt realization that my kids are not babies anymore, and all of a sudden they seem so grown, the crazy state of our nation, and countless other little things, I have found myself holding back tears multiple times a day, just about every day this week.  I’ve felt out of sorts, and haven’t been able to figure out exactly what was wrong with me, until I thought back and figured that the load I have been carrying this week, has just been a bit too heavy to bear.

It took listening to my kids on the way home from Vacation Bible School this week, as they were singing their praise music they learned all week, so joyful, and so full of hope and confidence, to remind myself that I need to turn to prayer and my faith in weeks like these that I get overwhelmed with the world.  To lay my burdens at His feet and find rest.  How many times do you find that your kids seem to teach you so much more than you are teaching them?!


And with that, I am sharing the things I like this week!  As much as I love lists, and I really do like these things, this list serves as a gratitude journal of sorts.  Here’s my list for this week:

1. Dry Shampoo- A mom’s best friend.  I am pretty much down to washing my hair 2-3 times a week thanks to spray-in dry shampoo.  And my hair usually looks best on day 2!

2. Iced Americanos- Everytime I have gone through Starbucks in the past week, they have been out of their cold brew iced coffee.  But Iced Americanos have been a great replacement!

3. Peaky Blinders on Netflix- When you’re done binging the new season of OITNB on Netflix, you HAVE to try out Peaky Blinders!!  It’s about a gang of thugs in Birmingham, England in the early 1900’s, and it’s SO GOOD.  And it’s not a big commitment, only three seasons, and like 6-7 episodes per season.  So many good twists, lots of violence (sorry), romance, thrills, you name it.  It’s so good.  And you’ll be pulling for Tommy Shelby before you know it.

4. Tomato Sandwiches- White bread, mayonnaise, fresh, ripe, red tomatoes, salt and pepper.  The perfect summer sandwich.

5. Gingham- Shirts, shorts, dresses, headbands, you name it.  I am so into gingham this summer.

6. Quilts- I have a pretty great collection of handmade quilts going, and I’d love to continue adding to it.  There’s no better ground covering for a picnic, in my opinion.

7. Going Barefoot- If I am home during the summer, I will be barefoot.  Love it.

8. White Jeans- Perfect with #5!

9. Fresh Seafood at the Beach- About to get my fill of South Carolina seafood at the beach next week, and Florida seafood at the beach next month!

10. Pom-Pom Trim- Like on these cute little zipper pouches I made.  They only take me about 15 minutes to make, so I have amassed quite a little collection of those too!

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend.  We will be at the beach with family all next week (soaking up the sun and getting some rest for sure!), and then I’ll be back, hopefully recharged and ready to go.  Have a great weekend!


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