#LutonsLoveSummer2016: Summer Bucket List

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We made it!  It is officially summer in the Luton house, and has been since about 3:45 last Friday afternoon!  I was not completely sure I was going to make it through the last week of school with about 10 billion things going on, but we did!! I swear I baked about 400 cupcakes and gave out 650 teacher gifts, got about 2.5 hours of sleep, squeezed in two birthdays, three parties, a water day, ear piercing, and even got to go out to dinner with Scott (AND found a new, awesome babysitter!!!  SCORE!!).  So it has taken me until today to catch back up and feel like our summer is really and truly here!  Just in time to get all last-minute planning all over Brantley and Grayson’s birthday party this Saturday!  No rest for the weary, right?

So I have been thinking about this summer, and our normal summer bucket list, and what I want for our family this summer.  I am usually all about activity after activity, camps, day-trips, schedule, schedule, schedule, plans, plans, plans, and squeeeeeezing every last drop out of summer that we can.  But after last summer, when I was super sick the last three weeks before school started, I have kind of reevaluated our summer priorities.

We had a few weeks left of summer last year, when I got sick (strep, double ear infection, and a cough that DID NOT QUIT for literally 12 weeks. I am still traumatized from it all) and Scott was away on business, so our end-of-summer plans were cut down.  I was so disappointed, and so sure that the kids were going to feel like they got the short end of the proverbial summer stick.  But when I asked them right before they went back to school what their favorite part of the summer was, all three said “staying home and playing with each other.”  BOOM.  Well, there you go.  Summer wasn’t all about the trips and the events and the this and the that and the major plans and the stressing to get everything in (though all of that is super fun, and I’m not about to cut everything out).  It’s more about the down time, and the relaxing, and the slow days and popsicles after dinner in the front yard each night.  So this year, that’s exactly what we’re doing.  Yes, I have still made a bucket list, and will document it all, but this year’s list is full of things that we can wake up and more or less decide to do on a whim if we feel like it that day (except for a few things :)).  I don’t want to put any added pressure on myself, and I certainly don’t want to put any on the kids when they are just as happy to stay home and play with each other all day anyway!

So in the picture above, you can see the things I hope we get a chance to do this summer.  A guideline.  Honestly, if we get to the end of the summer and there are a few boxes left unchecked, I will be totally fine.  And if we do everything and more, and the kids tell me again that the best part of their summer was playing with their siblings, I will call that a great success too.

Here’s to summer!!

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