Happy Birthday to our Gracie Girl

I can hardly believe this darling little peanut is five years old today.

Sweet Grayson Caroline adds so much love to our lives, and I thought in honor of her fifth birthday today, I would share five (of the thousands of) things that we love about our Gracie.

She loves to snuggle.

Grayson is the sweetest little snuggler that there ever was.  One of her favorite things to do in the mornings is climb in our bed, burrow down into the blankets and pillows and watch cartoons right up against you.  She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses, and loves family movie night and snuggling under blankets.

She’s mischievous and playful.

Don’t let her shy little smile fool you!  This girl can lie straight to your face without blinking if she thinks she might get away with it!  She loves imaginative play and loves playing with Brantley and Ben.  She is loving and caring and is a wonderful little playmate.

She loves school and has opened up so much this year.

We are so proud of Grayson and her growth in school this year.  Her social skills, motor skills, and speech have all improved over the course of her Pre-K year, and I am so proud of her for taking a step out of her comfort zone and becoming a little more independent.  When you have a big sister that takes charge in most all situations for you, and is happy to do everything for you, it’s easy to become a little dependent on others.  But Gracie has moved from the observant outsider to the active participator.  Her confidence is growing, and she stands up for herself.  We are so proud of her.

Gracie loves to cook.

She loves to cook so much that she asked for “cooking stuff” for Christmas, and was SO excited about her very own real frying pan, knives (plastic, but serrated), measuring cups and spoons, and other real cooking tools.  She asks me almost every day if she can cook with me, and as often as I can, I let her join me in the kitchen to help make dinner.  She is very patient, very anxious to learn, and loves trying new foods and attempting new techniques.  She loves cooking and I love cooking with her.  I can hardly wait to see the things she makes for us in the kitchen in the future.

She also loves to eat!

Gracie’s favorite foods are ham, strawberries, macaroni and cheese, green beans, cheetos, cookies, apples, oranges, mashed potatoes, ice cream, candy…and I could keep going!!  The girl loves to eat, and she gets it honest!  She loves to sneak snacks and eat them in hiding, and she’s also not afraid to indulge right along with you.  People that love to eat are the best people, and she is certainly one of the best!

Gracie Lu, you are our sweet, and beautiful girl, and you are truly one of a kind.

We adore you completely, and hope your 5th birthday is the best thus far!

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2016-03-28 08.51.53

2016-04-23 18.26.18

Happy Birthday to our favorite FIVE year old in the world!  We love you so much, Gracie!

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