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Hi Friends!  It’s been a few weeks since I did a WIWW post, so I have a bunch of pictures to share.  If you’re new to my blog or haven’t been reading long, I started following Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy years ago, and her What I Wore Wednesday posts.  She started posting the outfits she wears each week to encourage herself to get out of the stay at home mom pajamas and yoga pants rut, and start getting dressed and put some effort into her appearance.  I started joining into her link up and sharing my weekly outfits too, and what a difference it made!  Especially when the kids were really little and I really needed some motivation to get out of my pajamas!  Now, I love how getting dressed makes me feel, and taking pictures of my outfits not only gives me an incentive to try new things with the garments I have in my closet, but has helped me mold my personal style by being able to look back at what worked, what didn’t, and what I seem to go back to over and over.

SOO (sheesh), with all that being said, here’s what I’ve worn lately!


I wear this jacket multiple times a week, and I don’t care.  I absolutely love it.  I need this exact jacket in about 15 different fabrics and colors.  It is the perfect layering piece, and with it’s muted camo print, I really feel like it’s as much of a neutral as a tan or olive green would be.  I wear it with dresses, t’s and jeans, tunics, pants, you name it.  Best part?  It was $16 at TJ Maxx a few years ago.  Best. $16. Ever. Spent!  And you’ll see it a few more times throughout this post. 🙂 Oh, and I love this white gauzy dress, and these taupe booties have been worn about a billion times over the fall and winter.  I love that sandal season is here, but I hate to put these away!

Camo Jacket- Abercrombie and Fitch via TJ Maxx

White Gauzy Boho Dress- Old Navy

Taupe Booties- DSW

Watch- Kate Spade (gift)


Last time these boots will be worn for the season, I believe!  I have had this dress for a few years, but have only worn it twice.  I love the color, but have very few green things in my closet.  Maybe I should start seeking them out more?

Green Shirt Dress- Groop Dealz

Black Tights- Target

Black Boots- Macys (gift)


This was definitely a mama-errand-running-outfit.  But skinny jeans, a relaxed fit tank, and a loose cardi makes for an easy and comfortable outfit.  Especially when the cute floral tank is $5?!

Gray Cardigan- Old Navy

Navy Floral Tank- WalMart

Jeans- Gap

Rose Gold Scalloped Flats- Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s


I think I have had this top for about 5 years (I *think* it was our 5th anniversary when I bought it in Savannah), and it’s another one piece that I reach for again and again.  I like it on it’s own or layered with a cardigan or jacket, with jeans, shorts, or pants.  I wore it the other day with flare jeans and platforms and my favorite tassel neckace that my mom got for me!

Cream Swing Top- Urban Outfitters

Flare Jeans- CAbi

Tassel Necklace- Crawford Collections in Blue Ridge, GA (gift-Thanks Mom!)


I wore this for one of our last chilly days that we’ve had lately.  I have never met a chambray tunic that I haven’t liked, and this one is no exception.  I feel like this is an outfit my mom would wear, which, if you know my mom, is a really good thing!  She actually has this same shirt, and it was so cute on her that I needed one too!

Camo Jacket- Abercrombie and Fitch via TJ Maxx

Chambray Button Up Tunic- Belk

White Jeans- NY and Co via TJ Maxx

Nude Patent Leather Ballet Flats- Target

Tassel Necklace- Crawford Collections


And now for the onslaught of handmade!  I love making easy dresses for the spring and summer, and I made this dress as actually a practice for my Easter dress.  I bought this fabric for about $2 a yard, so I figured if I messed it up, it wouldn’t be a big deal.  Turns out that I loved the pattern, and loved how the dress turned out!  It’s a very simple shift (the pattern is the Peal Shift Dress pattern by Green Bee Patterns), and it zips up the back.  Basic, but easy to wear and very comfortable.  I like that the pattern has a few other options as well, so I’m looking forward to making a few more versions.

Navy Print Shift Dress- Made by Me!

Coral Necklace- Stella & Dot

Cuff Bracelets- Reese Blair

Nude Patent Leather Ballet Flats- Target


My Easter Dress!!  I have made the kids Easter outfits for the past three years, and bought myself a dress.  But with this Easter being special with the kids Baptisms, I knew I wanted to make a special dress for myself as well.  Especially since I knew exactly what I wanted, and knew I would never be able to find it!  I loved how the Pearl Shift Dress turned out, and I had been hoarding this pretty yellow fabric with big pink roses, so that’s what I decided to make the dress with.  It went nicely with the girls white embroidered eyelet dresses, and Ben’s blue seersucker suit, and I made his bowtie out of the scraps of the yellow floral print.  It ended up being just what I was hoping for.

Yellow Floral Shift- Made by Me!

Cuff Bracelets- Reese Blair

Nude Patent Leather Kitten Heels- Nine West via TJ Maxx


Last appearance of the camo jacket for today (seriously, I love it), promise.  And no, I did not make this dress, but I love it like I did.  It’s navy and white striped thin knit terry cloth (like a towel!) and it is so comfortable.  It is so easy to just throw on (with a camo jacket, OF COURSE), and run errands in.  I will be wearing this out all spring long, I am sure.

Camo Jacket- Abercrombie and Fitch via TJ Maxx

Navy Striped Dress- WalMart (!!!!! Only $14!!!!)

Tassel Necklace- Crawford Collections (gift)

Nude Patent Leather Ballet Flats- Target

Aviators- Cole Haan via TJ Maxx


My favorite new handmade dress with my favorite pattern.  I have made SEVEN Washi Dresses now, and every new one I make is a new favorite.  I bought this fabric with the intentions of making a Washi with it (which is unusual- I usually just buy fabric I love and then figure out what I’ll make with it later!), and I finally made it one night last week and it’s the best one I’ve made so far.  This is just such a great fit and a flattering silhouette.  I don’t think I’ll ever have too many.

Blue Medallion Print Washi Dress- Made by Me!

Brown Tassel Necklace- Crawford Collections

Cuff Bracelets- Reese Blair

Tan Criss Cross Sandals- Target


Like Chambray Shirts, I am obsessed with white and ivory cotton dresses.  So, when I saw this ivory textured stripe fabric for $1 a yard (NOT A TYPO!!  $1 a Yard!!!  For comparison’s sake, most designer fabric I typically use is $9-11 a yard!  Which means that this dress, which takes about 3 yards to make, cost $3 instead of about $30!!!), I bought 10 yards of it!  WHY NOT?!  So the first thing I made was my tried and true Washi.  I didn’t add the little U-shaped cut out like I have in the others, and think I’m going to add a few pretty little buttons for a little detail.  Another great addition to my closet for the summertime.

Ivory Washi Dress- Made by Me!

Fringe Bag- WalMart

Tan Criss Cross Sandals- Target


And last but not least, I love the pineapple print in this Ruby dress, which is another one of my favorite patterns.  I have about 8 Ruby Dresses made, and this one might be my fave.  The print is bright and perfect for summer, and can be worn loose or belted, with sandals or flats.  It’s another pattern I just can’t get enough of!

Pineapple Print Ruby Dress- Made by Me!

White Clog Sandals- Madden Girl from Macys

Wooden Bead and Tassel Necklace- Etsy

WHEW!  That’s it for today!  I will be linking up with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy, and you should definitely pop over there and check out the other super cute bloggers and all their outfit ideas.

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