The Bible Study Box

I am a newbie to, but a passionate advocate of, Bible Studies.  Last summer, I joined a group of preschool mom friends as we formed a Bible Study group, and have loved growing in my faith and learning more and more about Jesus, and God, and Christianity, and myself than I could ever have imagined during these studies.  Which made me SO excited when I saw that a childhood friend of mine has formed a new company called, The Bible Study Box.

Kristi David created The Bible Study Box with the hopes of providing other people with a monthly box of wonderful products to grow their relationship with God.


“Last year God spoke very clearly to my heart that I needed to dig in deeper with Him on a daily basis,” Kristi says.  “I have always tried to have a morning (or sometimes a very late evening) quiet time with God, but to be honest it’s hard. For me, finding the time wasn’t the hard part, but rather finding the right resources. I live an hour from the closest Christian bookstore, and trying to navigate Amazon to find a new bible study every other month became quite frustrating, and so I often found myself not taking that quiet time with God that I so desperately needed, because for me I don’t just like to randomly open the Bible and start reading, hoping I land on something good. No, I like to have great studies and books that act as a guide so I don’t get overwhelmed and quit before I really get started. So at the beginning of year, as I was once again searching the internet for my next bible study, the idea of The Bible Study Box came to me.”
I mean, I know I can relate, right?!  I feel like someone like me, who is pretty new in being assertive in learning and studying a lot about my faith, can be looking for a new bible study, or book to read and get easily overwhelmed.  I’m sure it’s even true for the seasoned bible study veteran!  And I even live near a Christian book store.  But my main retail outlets right now are the grocery store and Walmart, sooooo as you can imagine, online shopping is my BFF.  And though as obsessed as I am with Amazon, I go there when I know exactly what I am looking for, not to search and shop around when I’m not exactly sure.
Kristi goes on, “At first I was hoping something like it already existed so I could purchase a subscription, but when I found nothing I decided that this was placed before me as a ministry opportunity. I have been working since January getting The Bible Study Box ready to launch. Each month’s box will include the best inspirational and Bible-based resources out there. I am working with some wonderful authors, and vendors, to create awesome boxes every month. The Bible Study Box will be a great way to discover new studies, and book as well as fun, functional and inspirational resources that will make digging deeper into who God is more effective and engaging.”
So, like, an Ipsy , or a StitchFix, or a Nature Box, but for faith-based resources???  Where do I sign up?!
“The official launch, when we start taking subscription orders, will be in early May, and we will be shipping our first month’s boxes in late June (so you’ll be ready at the beginning of July to dig in deep). There will be a subscription box geared towards women as well as one geared towards men. We will also be offering some Exclusive Boxes. These will be a one-time purchase rather than a recurring subscription. The Exclusive Boxes that we will offer are: The New Believer’s Box, The Teen Box, The Graduation Box, The Mother’s Day Box, and The Father’s Day Box, ” Kristi says.
“My hope is that through The Bible Study Box people will form a deeper relationship with God as they discover more about who He is and who they are in Him.”
How awesome is this?!  I am so excited for Kristi and her new venture, but I am also genuinely excited about the Bible Study Box itself.  I am constantly looking for new devotionals, journals, new books for the next study, and other things to keep me focused on my faith and to have a monthly delivery of these items (plus, I mean, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love some happy mail every once in a while!) would take a lot of work out of it on my end.

So, who’s excited about the Bible Study Box?!!  AND… who’d like to win a free month’s subscription??!!  Kristi has so generously offered a free month’s subscription to The Bible Box to one lucky Goat & Lulu reader!!!  There are so many ways to enter, and the giveaway will run through May 1st!  Check it out and enter (over and over) TODAY!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will announce the winner of the giveaway on May 1st, and will forward your information to Kristi.  In the meantime, check out Kristi’s Bible Study Box Facebook page here and the Instagram Feed here.  Follow along as she posts updates on the launch, and information on the newest items being added to each month’s box.

I am so happy and excited for you, Kristi!  Best of luck with The Bible Study Box!  And friends, enter today for your chance to win!!

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