So….Let’s Talk About Snapchat

In an effort to stay relevant, and up to date with technology and the latest social media platforms, I joined Snapchat last week (actually, I had joined a few months ago, and COULD NOT wrap my head around it, so I actually just started posting and interacting this week).  Well, I LOVE IT.  Do I feel old?  And a little self-absorbed?  Umm, yeah.  But is it fun?  YES!!  I believe it has taken Instagram’s place as my favorite social media[Read more]

Hello Monday: Spring Break Edition

Hello Friends!  I hope you’re having a nice Monday, whether you’re on SPRING BREAK like us this week, or not!  I thought I’d share some of the things we’re saying hello to today (and then also share a few dinners we’re having this week as well)! Hello Cherry Blossom Festival! We have had the most glorious spring weather the last few days.  We were able to get out on Saturday and visit the Cherry Blossom Festival (though it was a[Read more]

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