Amanda’s 2016 Spring Must Haves

I love seasonal clothes shopping.  One of my favorite things about the two major season changes (fall and spring), is looking at all the new trends and styles and picking a few new things to add to my wardrobe!  A few years back, I started making a list of my seasonal “must haves” so that when I go out shopping, I actually buy the items I really want instead of impulse buys that I don’t really need (I used to buy tons of “pieces” that I liked, but I’d come home, look through my closet and have no outfits that went together, and still nothing to wear!  Can anyone relate?!).  So without further ado, here’s my Spring 2016 Must Haves!
1. Cold Shoulders
I like the whole huge off the shoulder trend, but in my day-to-day-running-the-kids-around life, it’s just not practical (though I may pick up a cute off the shoulder dress or top for a night out!).  But I love the cold shoulder trend!  Especially in knit t’s and dresses, I think it’s the perfect casual look for the summertime.  Plus, you can wear a regular bra with it.  Definitely a bonus.
2. Tassel Necklaces (and everything else)
I am still high on the tassel trend, and have quite a little collection of tassel necklaces.  I have a couple of neutral ones and a few brighter ones to add some color to cute summery outfits.  I have also seen some really cute tassel earrings and bracelets that I might need to pick up too.  Accessories are so fun!
3. Ear Climbers
I usually stick with my old standby pearl studs, but I think these ear climbers are cute for something different!  I like leaf and feather styles in yellow gold like these.
4. Cat Eye Sunglasses
I have been pretty loyal to my aviators for a few years now, and though I will definitely keep them in rotation, I love all the oversized cat eye styles.  Love this style, and these.
5. Striped Swing Dresses
I have been seeing a lot of knit swing dresses, which are my very favorite things to wear during the summer.  A lightweight, cool fabric in a very forgiving shape is appropriate for pretty much any warm weather activity. I just ordered this one from Old Navy, and don’t be surprised if you see me in it pretty much every day!
6. Denim Utility Jacket
I wear my camo jacket multiple times a week, and thought I needed another jacket to sub in every once in a while!  I looooove this one from the Gap, and think it would be so versatile, just like my camo favorite.
7. Fringe Cross Body Bag
I usually carry a huge tote around, stocked with all my daily “essentials,” but sometimes I just need a smaller bag for outings, or quick runs in the store.  I love this one from WalMart (you can’t beat $13!!), and this one from Old Navy.  Both great deals!
8. Nude Peep Toe Booties
I wore my taupe booties to death this fall and winter, and still love a modified bootie for the springtime!  I ordered these from Old Navy (delayed shipping until April 25th :/), and think they’ll be so cute with casual dresses and loose tunics with jeans!
9. Coral Blush
I just ran out of blush and love a bright color for my cheeks.  I love coral for the summer, since it kind of doubles as a bronzer to enhance my tan (or as of right now, lack of a tan!).  I love the shimmer brick from Bobbi Brown (I use the pink one during the winter), and it lasts forever.
10. Straw Bag with Tassel Charm
I have already professed my love for tassels, and I love the look of a big straw bag for the summertime.  This one from Target is big and will hold enough for a trip to the pool or to the park, and the colorful tassel is sooo cute!
11. Ethnic Clutch
I also love this ethnic trend with mixes of patterns and trims and details.  I could throw my credit cards, cash, lipstick, and phone into this cute clutch and then into my straw bag and be ready to go!
12. Flounce Sleeves
Sleeves are definitely having a moment this year!  I think the flounce sleeve is like a grown up ruffle sleeve, but looks a little more sophisticated, but decidedly feminine and flattering.  Just like the cold shoulder tops, I think they look pretty on tops and dresses for every day or special nights out.
13. Fringe Sandals
Noticing a theme?  Haha. I love these gold fringe sandals from J.Crew.  I can see me wearing them with lots of shorts and lightweight button ups for a super preppy look, or simple shift dresses all summer long.
14. Lace Up Gladiator Sandals
My number one must have!  These sandals are errrrrrywhere this summer, and have found them as cheap as $10 to well over $200!  I ordered two pair from Amazon to compare, and can’t wait to wear them all summer long with pretty much everything- jeans, shorts, dresses, denim skirts, you name it.
15. Cluster Earrings
I love these vintage styles for another different look aside from my basic pearls.  Kate Spade has some pretty options and they’re so classic and ladylike.
As you can see, accessories are big on my must-haves this season.  I have a lot of shorts, jeans, and dresses from the past few years, and my handmade supplements, so a few cute (and inexpensive- whoohoo!) items and I’ll be good to go for spring and summer!
What’s on your spring must haves list??
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