Things I Like

Happy Friday!  Hope y’all have had a great week, and am sharing things I have liked this week:

1. Fish Tacos

This is actually left over from last week, when we ate tacos with my Dad for lunch one day.  I haven’t had fish tacos in SO LONG, and I forgot how much I love them.  Might have to whip some up next week for dinner…

2. Precise V5 Rolling Ball Pilot Pens

I am super picky about my writing utensils, and these are my FAVE.  Nobody is allowed to use them, and I will pass on 100 pens looking for my two prized V5s that I keep with me all the time!

3. Gin and Tonics

My favorite cocktail.  I think one sounds perfect for tonight, as a matter of fact…

4. Instant Dry Nail Polish

I don’t paint my nails very often, but when I do, it’s the instant dry polish that can dry in the carpool line or wherever I get about 5 minutes to paint my nails!

5. Having a DIAPER FREE HOUSE!!!

Ben has gone without diapers for a few weeks now, and has now worn his underwear to bed with NO ACCIDENTS all week long!!!!!  Three cheers for a diaper free house!!  Some days I thought this day would never come!!

6. Yoga

I have been doing workouts on this week and last week, and I have been doing a yoga class that has reinforced my love for practicing yoga.  It has also made me realize how far I have to go to get back where I was!  But that’s why they call it practicing yoga, right?!

7. Clean Sheets

There is not much better than jumping into your bed at night with nice, clean sheets.  Especially since more often than not, I am hopping in the bed right into cracker crumbs or a stray gummy or two.

8. Smoothies

I came across some great new smoothie recipes this week that I am so anxious to try this weekend.  I already made one that tasted like the inside of a Butterfinger candy bar, and it is SO GOOD, but also really good for you!  I will be sharing the recipe next week!

9. Chambray Button Up Shirts

These go right along with my striped shirt obsession.  Never can have too many.

10. Rice Krispie Treats

SO GOOD that when I make a pan of them, I could so seriously eat the whole thing.  I saw a cute Easter version of Rice Krispie Treats that I want to make next week.  Maybe the kids will get one.  ONE. 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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