I bypassed my normal Meal Plan Monday post and my WIWW post, since I have had a super busy week, and we’re eating five super easy and quick meals this week (nothing too exciting- spaghetti, pizza, tacos, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and ham/green beans/mac and cheese), and I haven’t worn much anything worth documenting.  Instead, I decided to write another “currently” post today, to fill you in on what’s been going on in our lives lately!

Appreciating… my husband.  He has been working really hard lately, and also making a lot of time for me and the kids.  He is managing his calendar so well right now, especially since we are demanding so much of it!  He works so hard during his workday (which usually also stretches into his worknight), and makes time for our small group at church, reserves time to play with the kids and spend good, quality time with them, and also with me.  We love him and appreciate all the love and time he gives us, so much.

Reading… about a new Bible study!  I’m going to be starting “5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit” by Nicki Koziarz, which is an online Bible study with Proverbs 31 Ministries (check it out here).  I love that you can buy the book, and follow the study along online.  I also have an awesome Bible study group of some great girlfriends, and I am so excited to be doing another study with them.

Listening… to The Girl on the Train on my Audible app!  I got a free month-long trial with one free book credit, so I decided to download The Girl on the Train, which I have been wanting to read for sometime.  I love being able to listen to it during times that I would typically not be able to pick up a book (like while walking through the neighborhood, or driving to Alpharetta and back on a crazy errand run).  I’m not sure if I’ll subscribe monthly, but it sure is nice!

Tasting… white wine instead of red!  I really love red wine versus just liking white, but when it starts getting warm outside, I have to switch from red to white because I just can’t drink room temperature red wine when it’s hot as blazes outside.  I need a cool Chardonnay or crisp Champagne until it starts to get chilly in the fall!  Then I’ll switch back to red for fall and winter.

Learning… good news about my Dad’s health.  My dad just beat cancer for the SECOND time.  FRED-2, CANCER-0!!!!!!  He battled through 8 weeks of radiation all through the beginning of the year, and just yesterday got his final scan and bloodwork results that showed no signs of cancer.  It was a hard couple of months for him, for my mom, for their fur babies (in which their puppy baby also broke his leg!), but it is all worth it now.

Embracing… these beautiful springs days!  We have spent a lot of time outside, which has been great for expending some of the kids’ neverending energy supplies…

Anticipating… Easter Sunday.  I am so excited that all three kids, Brantley, Grayson, and my Bennett, are going to be baptized in our church on Easter!  We have been wanting to take that step, and so we spoke with our pastors, and decided that Easter would be the perfect day!  We began going to our church almost exactly a year ago (we think it was Palm Sunday last year), so we are really coming full circle this Easter.  It will certainly be such a special day for SO many reasons.

Working… On our Easter Dinner menu!  After our special day in church, we’re going to have a big, wonderful Easter dinner with all the usual fixins’: ham, macaroni and cheese, corn, green beans, deviled eggs, rolls, and a few other things, and a coconut cake for dessert.  One of my favorite holiday meals!

2016-03-21 19.59.35

Making… Easter/Baptism Dresses for me and the girls.  And working on my Spring Handmade Closet!  More on that coming soon…

2016-03-15 18.38.22

Watching… the kids play soccer!!  Brantley started practice this past week, and Ben and Gracie start their practice/games this weekend!  Ben is playing in the “Little Champs” league, which is more or less 2 and 3 year olds kicking the ball around for about 45 minutes every Saturday morning, with parent assistance.  They don’t really have “games,” it’s just learning about the game and having fun.  Gracie is in the “Big Champs” league, which is like the Little Champs, but with no parent assistance.  And Brantley is playing in the Under 8 League, with girls and boys on her team.  I was so proud watching her on Tuesday night, because she was listening so well, and following her new coach’s directions.  Everytime we caught each other’s eye, she would flash these huge smiles, and I knew she was having a ball.  It was so much fun watching her play, and I can’t wait to watch the little ones this weekend.

Accepting… the fact that my babies are growing up.  Ben is a potty-using pro, and is going to preschool four mornings a week starting in August.  I am registering my Gracie girl for KINDERGARTEN next week.  I simply cannot believe that my little six pound birdie will be in elementary school with her big sis next year.  And Brantley, my darling 6 going on 16-year old.  She knows more pop songs off the radio than I do (side note: I am getting OLD), and will be 7 (SEVEN!!!!!) in June.  Blows my mind.  Maybe I should more accurately say that I am beginning to accept that my babies are growing up.  I am SO proud of each of them.

Organizing… all of our closets- #neverendingproject.  Getting out the old, the stained, the non-fitting, the out of style, and making some room to breathe!

Planning… another joint birthday party for the girls!  I asked both Brantley and Gracie if they wanted their own separate birthday parties, and they did, until I told them they would have to be smaller parties, since their birthdays are only 3 weeks apart.  They both wanted a big party (big surprise), and after we started brainstorming ideas, they got really excited about another joint party.  This will make the fourth in a row!  Which I am so relieved about, since it’s much easier to plan one party in a month than two!

2016-03-13 11.21.35

Loving… tassels and fringe on all the things.  I can’t resist tassel necklaces, and fringe bags, sandals, scarves, you name it!

Buying… last minute Easter basket goodies!  Yikes!  With everything else going on, the Easter baskets got the shaft!  But we’re going the simple route this year, with some sunglasses, candy (duh), and a few other surprises to go with the Bibles each of the kids are getting to memorialize their Baptisms.

Finishing… the kids rooms.  This summer.  I promise.  Seriously, we’ve lived here five years now.  I need at least one room that’s completely decorated.

Daring… to paint the playroom??  I have wanted to for a few years, and the walls in there (and everywhere else in the house) are looking rough.  Maybe another summer project?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, celebrating Easter with your families.  He has Risen!  God Bless!

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