Things I Like

things i like

Hi Friends!  And Happy Friday!  We have been on Winter Break this week (LOVE our school calendar!) and have been pretty lazy.  These breaks always come at just the right time, when we just need to lay around, refuel and recharge!  So here’s what I’m liking this week.  Happy Weekend!

1. Cheese Dip

Duh.  My FAVE combination is the Queso Blanco Velveeta with Jalapenos, and the Hot Rotel.  We like a lot of heat!  It got to a point where the regular Velveeta and Rotel just wasn’t doing it for us anymore, so we upgraded.  If you make cheese dip, I will come.

2. “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber

Never thought the words would come out of my mouth, but I love that song!  “My mama don’t like you, and she likes everyone.”  Ha!!  Best lyrics ever.

3. Silver Bow Earrings

I usually wear my beloved pearl studs (like errrrrrrrryday), and I love these cute silver bows for something a little different.

4. Screw-Top Wine

I’m all about making drinking easier.  Plus, I can never find the corkscrew.

5. Rose Gold Scalloped Ballet Flats

I got these from Kohl’s a few weeks ago (Metallic Rose Gold shade is not shown on the website, sorry) and LOVE them!  They will be perfect going into Spring.

6. Sunny Winter Days

I don’t love the winter, but I hate it a lot less when the sun is out!  Bundling up on a brisk but sunny day is pretty nice.  It’s been chilly this week, but super sunny, which is nice for walks around the neighborhood.

7. Kid-Sized Headphones

The kids each got a tablet for Christmas, which have been awesome gifts.  What has been even better than the tablets, though, have been the headphones that they got too!  So they can watch or listen to their tablets, and MAMA DOESN’T HAVE TO!  Silence, glorious silence.

8. Girl Scout Cookies

I need some Samoas, STAT.

9. Tassles

On necklaces, key chains, bags, purses, shoes, swim suit cover ups, dresses, you name it, I love it!

10. Southern Living Magazine

I got a subscription for Christmas (magazine subscriptions are such an underrated gift!), and I love getting it in the mail each month!  Such a classic.

That’s it for me!  What are you liking?  Have a great weekend!

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