Things I Like

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Hi Friends!  Happy Friday!  Here to share my list of Things I Like this week before we get this weekend started!

1. Hibiscus Tea- We have started drinking tea pretty regularly, and Hibiscus Tea is a new fave!  It’s supposed to be “cleansing” and “detoxifying” and I don’t know about all that, but I just like how it tastes!

2. GREASE LIVE!! Did you watch it?  Did you like it??  At first I thought it was good but wasn’t going to live up to the original (of which I watched three times in one day one time because I love it so much), but then it just got better and better, and I was in tears at the end, I loved it so much (I blame a little of that on PMS hormones, though).  I just loved it.  And Brantley was a HUGE fan too.  Pretty pumped that I recorded it so we can watch it together over and over.

3. Dollar Shave Club- I have talked before about how I am a big Dollar Shave Club fan, but now I am a customer for life.  After people were offering to buy their razors in bulk to send to active duty military personnel, they instead decided to donate their razors and other products to our service men and women.  Now they are partnering with the USO to provide their products to our brave men and women as they serve our country.  Thumbs up.

4. Beets- Beets get such a bad rap and are SUCH the underrated vegetable!  When we went out to dinner a few weeks ago, we got an appetizer of beets three ways- a beet puree, roasted beets, and pickled beets, and it was FAB.  We love beet salads and love roasting them, but now I definitely want to give pickling and pureeing them a try. #beetnerd

5. Marco Rubio- I am a very political person, but don’t like to get very political on the blog.  So I’ll just say one word… MARCOMENTUM!

6. Black Mirror on Netflix- I had not heard of Black Mirror until I read one of those “What to Watch on Netflix” lists about a year ago.  It’s a BBC show, and kind of like a modern British Twilight Zone.  A little Sci-Fi, a little tech-y, and definitely makes you think.  IF you like X-Files, Fringe, Ex Machina, etc, I think you would love Black Mirror!  Plus, there are only like 7 episodes total on Netflix, so it’s not a huge commitment.

7. Throw Blankets- Sometimes I crank the AC during the summer just so I can snuggle under a warm blanket on the sofa.  So you can count on me being wrapped up by the fire this weekend, for sure (and every weekend).

8. Kombucha- If you’re unfamiliar with kombucha, it’s this weird fermented tea beverage that tastes a lot like carbonated vinegar and whatever fruits it’s flavored with.  I know it sounds disgusting, but it’s kind of addictive.  The first swallow is like drinking a really cold, fresh Coke, it kind of takes you aback, but then you can’t get enough.  It’s supposedly really good for digestion, and boasts lots of other health benefits, so there’s that too.  There are several brands and flavors, and I particularly like anything with ginger, so that’s usually what I go for.

9. Striped Tee Shirts- I must own 100.  I buy them over and over and don’t have any plans to stop.

10. Super Bowl Snacks! I am not a huge Pro Football fan (college football is another story), so I am just most excited about the Super Bowl food this Sunday!  I am planning on making a Nacho Buffet, and this dip .  I mean, if you’re gonna cheat, why not go all out?!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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