Meal Plan Monday

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope you had a good weekend, and a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  We had a very low key day, fill of chocolate treats, hugs, a yummy steak dinner, and lots of love!  And now we are OFF all week for Winter Break (hooray for our awesome school calendar!!!), but I’m not really interested in cooking the whole time!  We have several easy dinners planned for this week.  Here’s what we’re eating for the rest of the week:

Shepherd’s Pie

We have LOTS of leftovers from last week that I am utilizing in dinners for this week!  I love when this happens, because the grocery bill is much lower!  We have lots of leftover veggies that I’ll be using in this comforting and satisfying Shepherd’s Pie this week.  I’ll be using ground beef instead of lamb, but otherwise sticking to the recipe.

BBQ Pork Sandwiches with French Fries and Coleslaw

We had lot of leftover shredded pork from our Carnitas Burrito Bowls last week (SO GOOD, by the way), and we’ll be adding some barbeque sauce to it and piling it high on buns this week for some BBQ sandwiches.  Bake some french fries and toss together a simple coleslaw for a good and easy dinner.

Spicy Black Bean Soup with Cornbread

I have made this Weight Watchers black bean soup before, and it’s delicious.  It’s made with Rotel, so it brings a little heat without being too spicy.  And since we had a lot of cuban black beans left over from last week, most of the work is already done!

Ham Steak, Macaroni and Cheese, and Green Beans

An old stand-by makes an appearance again!  I wanted another really simple dinner, and this is my go-to.  Doesn’t hurt that it costs less than $7 total to make!

Grilled Greek Chicken and Chopped Greek Salad

I love Greek salads, and this one is easy to chop up, and so yummy to eat.  I double it when I make it sometimes, so that I can save it and eat on it for lunches and snacks all throughout the week.  But this week, it’s going to be the perfect accompaniment to some marinated grilled Greek chicken.  Easy, healthy, and yummy.

That’s it for us this week.  What are you having for dinner?

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