Deep Dark Fears

I read about the greatest Instagram account on one of my favorite blogs the other day (Cup of Jo), called Deep Dark Fears.  They are illustrations of people’s anxieties and irrational fears, and I automatically related to it completely.  Thought I’d share a few deep dark fears of my own (which may or may not be completely irrational :))…

  • When I am shopping in department stores, I am always so afraid that I will turn too quickly and one of the arms from a 2-way or 4 way armed display will stab me in the eye.
  • When Scott’s out of town, I am always afraid that someone will sneak into the garage during the day while it’s open, stay in there all day until I shut it before I go to bed, and then come into the house to attack us.
  • When I’m walking in an elevated parking garage, I always stay as far away from the edge as I can, so that if an out-of-control car were to hit me, it won’t push me off the side of the parking garage.
  • I’m afraid that if I put on mascara in the car at a stoplight, that I’ll get rear-ended and stab myself in the eye with my mascara wand (I think I have something with eyes, right?)
  • I have this reoccurring dream that I’m in college again, and right before I’m taking my finals, I remember a class that I have never been to, and I have to try to take the final and pass without ever going to the class (I STILL have this dream, 12 years after graduation!).
  • I don’t like to carry my kids up the stairs or near balconies, because I’m afraid they’ll wiggle funny or make a quick movement and I’ll drop them over the railings.
  • I don’t like to hang my arms out of open car windows, because I’m afraid I might get too close and hit a branch or street sign and break my arm off.

Now, first, check out the awesome IG account, and see if you can relate!  And THEN, don’t make me feel alone and weird!  What are some of your deep, dark (weird, irrational, and anxious) fears?

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