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I have been wanting to do some kind of “gratitude journal” for some time.  A reminder of sorts that there is always something to be thankful for, and to remind myself, in times of stress and disappointment, that I have so many blessings in my life!

So I am starting something new…a “Things I Like” list each week.  The list is comprised of different things that have made my life easier or more enjoyable during the week, or things that just bring me joy that I can remind myself of when I am feeling down.  So check out my list for this week and I’d love to hear your list!

1. Plum Paper Planner– I got my yearly planner in the mail last week, and now I feel like 2016 can really begin!  It’s my second planner from Plum Paper, and I am in love with it.  I am super picky about my planners, and love all the different options they offer so you can customize the planner to your liking.  I got the Family Planner, and added additional notes and to-do pages.  LOVE it.

2. Mild Georgia Winters- I am always good with winter coat-optional weather.

3. Homemade Soup- I have been spoiled by some really good soup recipes lately.  So much so that I really don’t like canned soup anymore.  Good thing soup-making is SUPER easy, and so satisfying.  This one, this one, and this one are among my favorites.

4. Plaid Scarves- Easy way to take a boring tunic, leggings, and boots outfit and make it cute.  And it hardly takes any effort at all.

5. Monograms- This may or may not be on my list every week.

6. The Flying Biscuit Cafe– My dad and I went out to brunch at the Flying Biscuit earlier this week, and man, was it good.  I haven’t been there in a while since we have moved into the burbs (almost FIVE years now!!), so it was a nice treat.  I had their “Breakfast Bowl,” which was two fried green tomatoes and two strips of turkey bacon, smothered in their creamy grits, and topped with two fried eggs and salsa.  OMG.  It was delicious.  A cheat day for sure.

7. Children’s Motrin- Sadly, my girls have been sick ALL.WEEK.LONG.  Poor Gracie has been running a fever since Monday, and after a trip to the doc after Brantley started running one too, they were diagnosed with absolutely nothing except a particularly nasty virus.  BOOOOOOOO.  But I am so very thankful for modern day medicine, and especially Children’s Motrin.  Both of their fevers have spiked pretty high, and after a dose of Motrin, it brings it right back down to normal so they don’t feel as bad, at least for a while.  I know this sounds like an ad (it’s not), but it really does work so well and we all would be miserable without it.

8. Grown Up Pajamas- For many years, my pajamas have consisted of black yoga pants and random knit shirts that I just don’t like wearing out of the house.  Nothing matching, or put together (not the pajamas really have to be), but they have never made me feel particularly good about myself when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror on the weekends.  My mom got me some real button up matching pajamas a few weeks ago at an after Christmas sale, and let me just tell you how much more grown up they make me feel!!  I have rotated the two pairs almost every night.  They are soft and comfortable (one pair is just knit cotton and the other pair is a silky woven cotton that is brushes, almost like a flannel, on the inside), and I feel like maybe I’m a little more put together.  Or at least it looks more like it, ha!

9. The “Hog ‘n Pickles” Board at Graft– Since my parents stayed with us this past week, we got an unexpected date night when they offered to watch the kids for us on Thursday night!  So Scott and I took them up on it, and headed to a little local restaurant that we have been wanting to try, called Graft.  Our meal was really good, but the Hog ‘n Pickles Board appetizer was our favorite thing!  It was a tray of salami, prosciutto, pork belly, house made pickles, pickled carrots, pickled red onion, herbed cream cheese, pepper jelly, and house baked bread.  It was amazing.  We can’t wait to go back, if not just for the appetizers!!  Also, they offer $5 glasses of wine and $20 bottles on Thursday nights!  SCORE!

10. Gold Bangle Bracelets- Scott gave me this one and this one for Christmas, and I have yet to take them off.  They go with everything, and I love how simple and pretty they are.  My favorite accessories right now!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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