Midweek Randoms

Since I haven’t posted much lately, I’ve had a bunch of random things running through my head, but not much so important to devote an entire post to.  So here’s some randoms from our life lately…


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  • The start of my December blog hiatus was this.  We lost our beloved Monkey on November 30th.  We were shocked and unprepared, and it just set December off on the wrong foot.  It kind of robbed us of our typical holiday spirit, and sadly put a damper on Christmas.  I have tried to write about it over and over, and haven’t quite gotten it right yet.  Maybe soon.  Maybe not.  All I know is that we miss Monkey so much.  It’s painful still, some days worse than others.  We miss our old friend.

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  • But, we did get a new friend.  Kenny Rogers is our new “baby puppy,” as Gracie like to call him.  We thought about being a one-dog family for a while, but decided that we really missed having two, and also felt like Dolly would be happier with a playmate.  And I think going ahead and getting little KR was the right decision.  He is so sweet and so playful, and he and Dolly just run, and run, and run in the yard, wrestle and play, and then curl up in a chair together, and sleep for the afternoon.  We still miss Money so much, and actually talk about him often.  He was such a good dog, and is absolutely irreplaceable.  But having a new sweet puppy help heal our hearts is good too.


  • I jumped on the ‘Making a Murderer’ bandwagon, and binge-watched it over Christmas break.  And I was just as obsessed as everyone else.  SO GOOD.  *IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED IT YET, AND WANT TO…STOP READING HERE*  I think I lean towards Steven Avery being innocent??  But I’m not 100%.  But I’m not sure I could’ve been a juror in the case and found him guilty without reasonable doubt.  There was certainly doubt.  And if he killed her, and her throat was slit, and she was shot, why didn’t they find ANY of her blood or DNA in the trailer or garage???  And why wasn’t more emphasis put on that?!  Anyway, it was really good and a pretty disturbing case.


  • Before the kids got out for Christmas break, we found out that Brantley was accepted into the Gifted Program at her elementary school!!  She was recommended for it by her teachers, and had been going through the testing process for about two months.  I had a good feeling about it, but we got the official word before Christmas.  She’ll be in her FOCUS class all day long every Friday, and is SO excited.  So forgive me for a little bragging moment, but I am SOOO proud of my smart girl!!


2016-01-04 13.12.00

  • Santa Claus brought the greatest last minute gift for the kids (the family?!) for Christmas this year!!  The kids got plenty of gifts and things that they wanted, but there weren’t any “big” gifts like bikes or dollhouses or anything like that.  I had some money left in our Christmas budget, and started looking for something big and fun that everyone could enjoy.  A friend of ours has this HUUUUGE bean bag, and I thought the kids would love something like that.  So I searched my one-stop-shop-Christmas-online-superstore (aka Amazon), and found the BIGGEST “beanbag” that I could.  WHO KNEW that it was going to be big enough for all five of us to lay on comfortably!  It’s almost as big as our bed!!!  When I pulled it into the den on Christmas Eve, Scott asked, “where in the world are we going to put this??” I intended on moving it into the playroom after a day or so, but it’s in the same spot, right in the middle of the den, and it’s AMAZING.  It has saved us in the last few weeks since it’s been super cold, and the kids have amused themselves by jumping off the sofa into the soft foam of the cushion (it’s not like a traditional bean bag- it’s full of chopped up and cut up memory foam cubes, so it’s super soft, and you can lift it and kind of shake it to redistribute the foam and fluff it up a bit).  We have all napped on it, we’ve drug it out in front of the tv for movie night, and since the kids got tablets for Christmas too, it’s been so great for laying and playing games!  I imagine we’ll move it at some point, but right now it’s perfect and great for the whole family!


  • We were so happy to officially join our church in December!  We had been going for quite some time, but from the very first day we decided to visit, I just knew that it was the place we belonged.  It is the perfect compromise of what we both wanted in a church- Scott likes the traditional aspects, and I like the fact that there are lots of families with small children like ours, and lots of opportunities for building new relationships.  I also love that the kids actually look forward to going to church every Sunday.  I am so thankful to have found our church home, and so thankful for our new church family!


  • Scott has been using a mish-mash jumble of random pieces of furniture in his home office for quite some time (like, over 2 years!).  Since we have just began our newest adventure, and since he almost exclusively works from home, we decided to actually purchase some new furniture and create a real office for him!  He didn’t care to have a big, traditional desk, and we really wanted a workspace that could accomodate his “unique” organizational style, so we went with some pieces from Ikea and some great ideas from Pinterest to build a new office that will also function as our guest room!  I can’t wait to get all the Ikea pieces together (actually, no, not so excited about that part), get the old moved out, the new moved in, and all the fun decor added in as well.  He told me that I could decorate it however I wanted it, and it’s going to be fun!  I can’t wait to show the results!


So, those are just some of the things going on around here, and more to come!

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