Hello (Meal Plan) Monday

Hello Friends, and Happy Monday!  I’m sharing my weekly meal plan today AND saying hello to a few things on this MLK Day!

Hello William Ramsey Midkiff!

2016-01-17 10.50.57

I am an aunt again!!  My brother’s little man was born early, early Sunday morning, about a week before his due date!  He also came SO QUICKLY that my rock-star sister in law couldn’t get an epidural and delivered him in three pushes!  Little William was ready to enter the world, and was coming on his terms!!  I was able to visit them at the hospital yesterday, and get lots of baby snuggles in.  Mommy, Daddy, and William are doing great, and I know big sis Sally Kate can’t wait to get her new little brother home!

2016-01-17 10.51.29


2015-12-17 11.00.13

Soooo…as far as parenting skills go, I would not brag about my potty training abilities.  I am not very patient, and forget to remind the kids to go, we had a hard time with Brantley (Grayson pretty much taught herself in a day, but that was a total fluke), and it just stresses me out in general.  But since Ben is well over three now, I knew we needed to get rolling on it.  We have tried on and off for a few months, but he was just not interested, and I really didn’t want to push it.  But over the past week, Ben has been asking to tee-tee on the potty, so I figured it was time to get down to business and potty train for reals and get this taken care of.  So over the weekend, he stayed in underwear all day Saturday and Sunday, and since we’re off school and staying home today, we’re doing it today too.  And you know what??  He’s doing GREAT!!!  He had one accident Saturday night, NONE yesterday, and none so far today!!  I think the Skittles we are rewarding him with are helping, but he is really doing a great job stopping what he’s doing, “listening to his body,” and going to the bathroom when he feels that he has to go.  We must have gone 40,000 times on Saturday, but I didn’t care since he was going!!  It has already gotten better, and he’s going less frequently and more at a time even today.  So, three cheers for Ben!!  And HOORAY for this mama who is ONE STEP CLOSER to having all three kids out of DIAPERS!!!!

Hello Winter!!

Finally after such a mild fall and end of 2015, it’s COLD.  And I don’t mind one bit.  I like seasons, and I like it being cold when it’s supposed to be cold.  Plus, we pretty much keep a fire going all winter long, and I LOVE it.  So here’s to sweaters, boots, coats, and warming up by the fire!

And Hello New Meal Plan!

I kind of struggled this week making my meal plan, and am getting tired of eating the same meals over and over.  So we’re going to be eating some pretty simple meals this week as I scour pinterest and some new blogs for new dinner ideas!  But this is what we’re eating this week:

White Chicken Chili 

Throw five ingredients in the slow cooker and dinner prep is complete!  Sounds like a good plan to me.  This cold weather has me craving warm, comforting soups, and I think this one sounds really good.

Ham, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, and Sauteed Squash 

We have been making brussels sprouts for dinner at least once a week since I found the perfect recipe for them (link above).  You roast them with bacon and garlic (sometimes I omit the garlic), olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and they are crispy and delicious, and a great side with steaks, pork tenderloin, or anything on the grill.  I’m making it easy on myself and making them with a family favorite- ham steak- and sauteing a little squash, too.

Hamburger Steaks with Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions, Green Beans, and Corn

I made Jalapeno Chicken Burgers without buns last week, and Scott commented that he could eat burgers like that every week.  So I thought, I can do that!  I don’t like making the same thing over and over and over, but with burgers, you can change up the meat (beef, chicken, turkey, even salmon!), and change up the toppings for sure.  So last week was chicken and guacamole (SOO good), and this week it’s beef with mushrooms and onions.  Corn and green beans will be easy and kid-friendly sides.

Ginger Beef, Mushroom, Kale, and Zucchini Stir Fry with Steamed Broccoli

We haven’t eaten much Asian food since we’ve been eating pretty clean, since we’re trying to avoid rice, and I find it pretty difficult to have a stir fry with no rice!!  But, we’re going to try it with this beef stir fry that’s so packed full of veggies that it’ll be more like a skillet meal, and hopefully we won’t even miss the rice (okay, let’s be honest, I will definitely miss the rice, but it’ll still be good!).

Eggs, Bacon, and Sausage, and Pancakes for the Kids

We love having breakfast for dinner every once in a while.  It always makes the kids days, and it is so easy to prepare.  Probably good for a Friday night dinner, since I am usually worn out by the end of the week, and not interested in putting a lot of effort into cooking dinner!

So that’s our plan for this week.  What are you making?  Any new recipes?

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