I am so very, very proud to be a stay at home mom.  It is not for every mom, and that is absolutely okay, but it has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.  I have always wanted to stay at home and raise my children, just like my mom did.  And despite the daily struggles, the ugly moments, and the times I just want to crawl back in bed and shut the door, I honestly would not trade my worst day at home for my best day back at work.


…about a year into staying home full time, I had a itch.  I have been a creative person my whole entire life, and I had not been able to find a creative outlet that was scratching that itch since I had been home.  I picked up sewing again (I learned years ago in college), and Goat & Lulu as it is now, was born.  At first it was a simple hobby that I thought I could make a few bucks at, but now, more than three years later, it has become a full-fledged small business!  So while I still consider my full time job (and my most important job) stay at home mom, I also totally identify as a mom-preneur.

I LOVE the fact that my story is not a unique one these days!  So many moms are choosing to stay home and raise their children as stay at home moms, but are tapping into their pre-motherhood skills, education, and passions, and starting their own businesses and embracing their entrepreneurial spirits.

I would love to spotlight a few of my very favorite mom-preneurs here today, that I know and love and am proud to call my friends!

Megan Small, of Wildblumen Ink

Megan is a high school friend of mine that is an extremely talented artist!  She creates the most beautiful watercolor art- from family, pet, and home portraits to printed notecards, custom invitations, and PDF printable artwork (Fall Wreath Initial Printable shown above).  Her etsy shop is stocked full of unique and beautifully created art that make wonderful gifts for friends and family, or (as in my case, most of the time, ha!) for yourself!  But seriously, Megan is so wonderful to work with, and is happy to create custom pieces to suit whatever needs you have.  Megan has been a go-to for gifts for me in the past few years, and with a pet portrait, a home portrait, teacher and kids notecards, I have always felt like she has given 100% and worked with me to give me exactly what I am looking for, and with a great turnaround!  Though she has a sweet toddler and two brand-spanking-new twins (!!!) you HAVE to check out her etsy shop for one of a kind custom art.  Your work is incredible, Megan!

Lindsay Luton, of Rodan + Fields

If you are anything like me, your Facebook newsfeed is probably overrun with all your friends and aunts and neighbors and teacher’s uncle’s best friend’s stepmoms that are raving about Rodan + Fields, the direct sales skincare company that is taking the cosmetics and skincare industry by storm!  The two dermatologists that created Proactive are at it again with a skincare company that really is changing skin and changing lives.  But if in-your-face marketing is not your thing, and you have seen enough R+F updates on Facebook (but no love lost on the ladies that are rocking it out on Facebook!  Here’s to your awesome marketing and social media skills!) you have to check out my sister in law’s consultation page.  She is a new Rodan + Fields consultant, but has a no-nonsense approach to the business.  Want to know which regimine will work for you?  Talk to Lindsay.  Want to find out which R+F products are overrated and which are really worth the money?  Talk to Lindsay.  She isn’t interested in overselling the products or pushing them in your face, but instead, she simply wants to give you the best skin of your life and maybe a boost of confidence!  So if you are interested in changing up your skincare routine, or hearing a little bit more about Rodan + Fields, start your online consultation here and in between wrangling my two sweet nephews and darling niece, find out exactly how she can help you!

Courtney Layfield, of Bella Grace Buy Ins and Blanks

Do you like clothes?  Do you like CUTE and INEXPENSIVE clothes??  Then you will like my friend, Courtney.  She is one of the two lovely ladies behind Bella Grace Buy Ins and Blanks on Facebook, a closed buy in group for the cutest clothes for women and kids that you will find just about anywhere!  She and her partner, Amy, source adorable tunics, leggings, scarves, dresses, boots, and so much more, and provide them to their group members for suuuuuuper low prices…so low that I have all but abandoned my beloved and Groop Dealz for their awesome deals!!  One of the best things, though, is that Courtney is constantly asking her members for what they want and what they are looking for, and will seek out the exact things those things!  It’s less like a buy in group, which you can find a dime a dozen on Facebook nowadays, and more like a personal shopping experience.  Or maybe like shopping with a really great, stylish friend at the cheapest store in the mall with the BEST clothes.  Don’t think you can wear cute clothes or that you should spend the money on yourself as a stay at home mom?  Well, Courtney will prove you wrong as a mom of three, always dressed practically and comfortable but very on-trend and accessorized perfectly.  Whether you’re buying for holiday gifts (or yourself), you must take a look at Bella Grace Buys Ins and Blanks and join the group!

Amy Tippins, of One Good Name

 I am such a sucker for anything personalized, especially paper products, and doubly especially for my kids!!  And so is my friend Amy, of One Good Name on etsy!!  She creates the cutest digital party invitations, bag tags, party posters, and tons of other adorable products, that you can print right out on your own at home, or send them to a local print shop to do them for you!  I have been buying the kids birthday party invites and Christmas cards like this for years, and it is so convenient and so much fun!  She has the cutest ideas for customization, and worked with me to create the most adorable chalkboard-style birthday statistics sign for Ben’s first birthday.  Amy is a former kindergarten teacher and stay at home mom of three darling girls, and she channels her creativity into these adorable designs in her shop (and we have been friends since second grade!).  I love that she is always so willing to work with her customers to create exactly what they are looking for, for just about any occasion!  You MUST check out her shop for the cutest printables for your next soiree!

Brittany Hayes, of Addison’s Wonderland

If you ever watch Shark Tank, you may have seen my friend Brittany, as she stood up against the sharks, trying to get them to invest in her amazing children’s bedding line, Addison’s Wonderland!  She did not end up getting a deal that day, but it didn’t much matter since her website got so much traffic and attention that it crashed, and the Addison’s Wonderland brand was launched into celebrity!  Fast forward a few years, and though Brittany is no longer making baby bedding, she has a popular blog, and has recently been selected as a Better Homes and Gardens style blogger!!  Brittany has taken her brand, her love for design and COLOR, and her entrepreneurial expertise, and made a business and career for herself, as she balances her duties as wife and mom of two sweet little girls!  Follow Brittany’s blog for the most enviable design inspiration, fashion ideas, and lifestyle tips!

I am so proud and happy for all of my mom-preneur friends and the drive that they have in their lives as moms, wives, and business women.  It takes a lot of time, and a lot of organization, a lot of mutitasking, and a lot of determination to balance motherhood and working in any capacity, but if anyone can do it, a MOM can, right?  Cheers to you, ladies!

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