Meal Plan Monday

Hi friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  It rained here (nothing new, sadly), but we stayed cozy inside, watched football, ate yummy, comforting soup, and watched football!  I am getting back to regular meal planning and thought I’d share my meal plan for the week, getting back to my Meal Plan Monday posts!  Here’s what we’re eating this week:

Chicken Yakisoba

We love Chinese Food in our family, but sometimes ordering good delivery can end up being reeeeeeeally pricey for our family of five (especially since I love all the egg rolls, crab rangoons, and sugared donuts that I can get!).  I have tried recipe after recipe trying to make a great Chinese takeout substitute, and this is the very best one I have found.  You use ramen noodles, and tons of yummy veggies, that, dare I say it, actually taste better than those from the Chinese restaurants!  It’s easy, delicious, and makes great leftovers!

Balsamic Beer Braised Pork, Roasted Potatoes, and Asparagus

I thought this pork roast recipe sounded like a perfect fall Sunday dinner recipe.  Add in some crispy roasted potatoes and asparagus, and a really easy but impressive dinner is complete.

UPDATE: I made this for dinner last night, and Y’ALL.  It was delicious!!!!!  I was out of beer and balsamic vinegar, but subbed in apple cider and a bit of chicken broth, and red wine vinegar instead of balsamic.  It was so, so good.  Definitely a keeper.


For a while now, I have tried to give myself a “pass” at least one day a week in my meal planning.  Sometimes I plan for sandwiches, or frozen dinners, or leftovers, or breakfast, or PIZZA.  Last week I did my weekly shopping for the first time at Aldi, and discovered their enormous cheese pizza that is only $4.99!!  When I buy Tombstone pizzas for dinner, I usually buy 2 (at $3 or $4 each), since the kids can now polish one off all by themselves.  But the 5 of us didn’t even finish the huge one from Aldi!  So we saved a bit of money, and were totally satisfied.  So we’ll be doing that again this week!

Crockpot Chicken Gnocchi Soup

I tried gnocchi quite a while back, and honestly, didn’t like it so much.  But this recipe looks so good that I am willing to give it another try.  Almost like a chicken and dumpling soup, but it has spinach, so it’s healthy, right?! 🙂  I bought a whole chicken last week and boiled it for the meat, and have at least two pounds of shredded chicken just ready to be popped into the pot for a quick dinner this week.  I’ll have to adjust the recipe since my chicken is already cooked, but I think (hope!) this will be a winner.

Beef Burrito Bowls

I already have pico de gallo, avocados, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions, and rice ready to go, and I was trying to figure out a recipe that I could use them all in.  I wasn’t really feeling tacos, but I thought that burrito bowls, my favorite things to order from Chipotle and Bullrito’s, would be perfect.  We’ll be adding some black beans, pickled jalapenos,rice, roasted corn, peppers, and lettuce, and everyone can customize their bowl just how they like it.  I like everything, so mine will be extra good!  I am using beef in these, but they would be really easy if you buy a rotisserie chicken and cube it up for chicken burrito bowls!  These ought to be a hit with everyone.

So that’s what we’ll be eating this week!  What about you?  Share your recipes; I love trying new family favorites!

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