Links I Love

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I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, and thought I’d share some fun links I’ve found on the internet lately!


This article pretty much describes me to a T.

I got a necklace just like this one several months ago, and have yet to take it off, I love it so much.


Such a handy trick!

I am Dolly Parton!

This article almost makes me want to do something I never thought I’d say I want to do…go camping?!!

44 Things We’ve Said to Our Kids to Get Them to Eat 

Hilarious and totally relatable Instagram account.

The Nostalgia Machine is such an addicting website!  Loved looking at my high school years!

If parents talked to each other the way we talk to our kids.  I dare you not to laugh at the wine pouring part! #guilty

I am obsessed with Buzzfeed Food!  They have so many awesome ideas, but these Thanksgiving Dips are about to put me over the edge…

Such an amazing post about three stories of miscarriage.  And here’s my own

What are your favorite links?  Favorite websites? Blogs?  I need some more online reading material!

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