Ben’s Third Birthday

Saturday a week ago, our sweet little prince turned three!  I decided this year that we would forgo a big shindig as was our standard for the last several years, and just have a small family get-together, and head to the ZOO!

2015-09-19 15.39.26

My precious boy ready for the zoo!


We met my parents, my in-laws, and my brother, sister in law, and niece Sally Kate there at the zoo to celebrate with us.  First stop, the flamingos!


Ben is so sweet and loves Sally Kate so much!  He was kissing her on the cheek here!  It’s crazy to see them side by side, because Sally Kate is so petite and Ben so big!  They are only 4 months apart!


These crazy kids made us stop and take a picture at every single one of these cutouts!


This little meercat just kept staring at Brantley like he was about to blurt out something and have a conversation with her!  Which, of course, totally made her day.


Checking out the giraffes.



Looking at the monkeys with Bammy


Our little three year old monkey!


Brantley and PaDaddy checking out the gorillas 🙂


Nana and Brantley looking at the Sun Bears!


After we saw all the animals and had our fair share of exhibits, we sat down for a hotdog and hamburger lunch, and we hit the petting zoo!


The kids loved petting the goats, and we probably would’ve stayed longer, but one was pooping as Ben was petting it, and grossed them all out!  They were ready to move on after that, hahahaha!


The train ride was such a fun highlight!  Ben was so excited to ride all around the zoo- can you tell he had fun?!



The train ride was fun, but the best part was the carousel.  It was at the end of our day, and we all had tickets to ride.

I brought the kids animal masks to wear, and they loved them!




PaDaddy being funny, pretending to fall off his Cheetah, haha!


I was stretching around and trying to take pictures all throughout the carousel ride, and I caught mom and Ben in this moment.  He said, “Bammy, dis is awe-dome!!”  Right then, I knew that it’s not the party that makes the birthday, but the experience.  He had enjoyed a day at the zoo, with people that love him so very much, and he wan’t missing out on anything by not having a party this year.  It was such a wonderful feeling, knowing that my boy had had such a fun time on his birthday.



2015-09-19 13.18.23

We left the zoo, and said goodbye to my parents (Ramsey, Beth and Sally Kate had left after lunch since they were en route to the beach!), and headed home.  Scott’s parents came back and spent some time at our house for a while, celebrating the big boy.

2015-09-18 18.17.31

As per tradition, I made the birthday boy his birthday cake for that evening.  He requested chocolate with chocolate frosting, and mama was happy to oblige (my favorite)!!  It’s not beautiful, but OHMYGOODNESS was it good.

2015-09-19 17.39.33

And he was SO EXCITED to finally get his birthday cake!!

2015-09-19 17.39.35

2015-09-19 17.39.37
2015-09-19 17.39.40

2015-09-19 17.39.50

This little boy had quite a birthday, and made a great case for less parties and more intimate gatherings.  We had SUCH a fun day and we all loved every minute of it.

2015-09-19 19.05.36

Happy Birthday to my special baby boy!  I hope you had as wonderful a day as we had with you.  We love you so very much!!

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