Five Things

TGIF, my friends.  Was this the longest short week or what??  Here are five quick things I am sharing this Friday because…

I’m sick AGAIN

I thought after my bout with a double ear infection, bronchitis, and strep throat in July, I might stay healthy for a while, but alas, I just came home from the doc with another round of antibiotics and steroids for my new case of strep and my post-infection cough.  Can I get a break around here???  Ben was sick earlier this week, Brantley came home with a fever yesterday, and I succumbed today.  So the lysol will be out (AGAIN) to try to de-germify the house.  And to all my oil-obsessed friends, I might be ready to jump on the bandwagon if something will work and keep my poor family healthy!!  We are really not ones to get sick a lot, especially me, so I am willing to try anything at this point.  Especially since we are just at the beginning of cold and flu season!  So please tell me what I need to get to keep us healthy and build our immune systems back up.

Pizza Casserole

I didn’t do a Meal Plan Monday this week, but I made this Pizza Casserole the other night for dinner, and WHOA, it was so good.  All the ingredients of a Supreme Pizza plus some pasta are baked together and it is simple and so, so good.  Definitely customizable based on your own pizza preferences, and it was so good we ate all the leftovers!  And that’s saying a lot in this house.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

2015-09-10 16.31.15

I am so excited to really get into this life changing book (or so they say).  I am so over having so much stuff everywhere and loads of clutter.  I have been wanting to streamline our lives and simplify for so long now, but I am an emotional hoarder, and just have a hard time letting go of things sometimes!  But I have come to the point that I just don’t care anymore and would prefer a tidy and well organized life, and I feel like it will help with focus and anxiety too!  When I posted this on Instagram yesterday, several people wanted to know my thoughts, so when I finish it, I’ll do a little review and let you know what I think!  And also, if I really can adapt the KonMari method to our life (I’m a little nervous, to be honest!).

Time to get a hold on the hair

I have been wavering back and forth about cutting my hair again for quite some time.  I have also been struggling with the Brown vs. Gray battle that’s been waging for about ten years now.  The brown stayed strong for quite a while, but sadly the gray seems to have gained substantial momentum and is winning the war.  It was cute when it was just a little streak, but it’s getting to be full-blown freaking gray up top along my part.  Not nearly as cute, especially at 33!  So, hairstylist friends, what’s a girl to do??  I am low maintenance when it comes to my hair, especially when it comes to visiting the salon (Twice, mayyyyyyyybe three times a year?).  Do I use a (dare I say it) box color at home?  Some sort of color rinse at a salon?  Or am I doomed to color and highlights until I say screw it and embrace it like my rock star mom has (she is transitioning from color and highlights to all over gray and it’s AMAZING!  Just not sure I want to do that in my thirties!)?  Also, here’s a few haircuts I am considering.  Thoughts???  WHY CAN’T I MAKE A DECISION??

Or do I just cut layers into the long bob I have now?  AHHHH DECISIONS!!

Tea Party

2015-09-07 15.15.07

WE had a wonderful little tea party last weekend with the kids, complete with Peanut Butter and Jelly Tarts (PBJ on crackers), Chicken Salad en Croute (chicken salad on crackers), and a Relish Tray (grapes, pickles, and cherry tomatoes). 🙂  The kids looooved it, and loved the “fancy” treats and their orange juice tea, and always keeping their pinkies out, as per Brantley’s instruction.  Hoping to host another lovely tea party this weekend.

And that’s about all I can muster today.  Off to drink lots of Gatorade, and wait for my knight in shining armor to return from the grocery store with hot soup and lots of cough drops.  Hoping you have a wonderful antibiotic-free weekend!

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