Fall 2015 Fashion Must Haves

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Hi friends!  It’s September now, so as far as I’m concerned (despite our typical 80 degree Georgia days), it’s FALL!  For the past two years or so, I have been creating a must-have shopping list (more like wish-list, lol!) for each season, of the clothes and accessories that I would most like to add to my wardrobe.  I love (love, love, love, love, love!) shopping, but if I don’t have a list of things I’m looking for, and things I really want to add to my closet, I’ll buy random thing after random thing, and will still have “nothing to wear.” So I started creating these lists of the things I am most interested in, so I can focus and reign in my shopping addiction so I don’t run out of money before I buy the things I really want!

So I created a little inspiration board of all the items I’m hoping to add to my closet this fall.  Here’s what my list includes:

1. Longsleeve Floral Dress

I am loving the 70’s/90’s vibe of this fall’s fashions.  A longsleeve floral dress will be perfect with booties or boots and bare legs before it gets too cold and will still be really cute when I have to add tights, a scarf and jacket on too.  Best part, as you will notice with most items on my list, and as my typical buying mantra, it will be very versatile.

2. Classic White Button Up Shirt

I have a few different versions of a white button up in my closet already (sheer white collarless tunic, white swiss dot button up), but not a classic white button up that can be worn in countless ways.  Just alone with jeans and ballet flats, under a sweater and puffy vest, under a shift dress and blazer…it is pretty much a fashion crime that I didn’t already have one.  I lucked out and found the perfect-fitting white shirt at Target a few weeks ago, though, so I can check this one off my list!

3. Swing Dress

I bought two sleeveless dresses over the summer that had a very simple trapeze shape, and I wore them constantly.  Like seriously, I wore at least one of them (if not both) every single week.  They are perfect for layering, and so awesome if you want to eat a cheeseburger and fries and still look cute, since they’re not form-fitting and hang away from the body!  I grabbed a black and white striped one (which I wore two days in a row last week, I love it so much), and a maroon henley style one from Old Navy, and an obsessed already.  They are perfect now with a long necklace (see #4) and flat sandals, and will be even better in a few weeks with a jean or utility-style jacket and boots.

4. Long Tassel Necklace

I love long necklaces in the fall since they can compliment an otherwise basic tunic, and they also poke out from underneath pretty scarves to complete a look.  I am still loving tassels, and got a cute necklace the other day from a local boutique with turquoise beads and a perfect brown leather tassel.  If you run into me this fall, I will most likely be wearing it since it goes with everything!

5. Plaid Toggle Coat

I tried and tried to find a toggle coat I loved last year, and never did find the perfect one.  So this year, I’m feeling pretty ambitious, and I am going to MAKE myself one!  The picture shown above is actually the exact pattern I’ll be using, and am so excited to get started!  I can’t decide if I want to do a black and white plaid flannel or if I want a red plaid, but the thigh length toggle style is exactly what I want.  I’ll update you on how the construction of the coat goes!

6. Gold Monogram Stud Earrings

Scott got me some gold drop monogram earrings last Christmas, and I love them so much that I want some studs too!  I wear my basic pearls pretty much all the time, and I’d love to sub them out with these monogram studs.  Perfect for everyday wear.

7. Nude Platform Clogs

I have had a soft spot in my heart for clogs since I was in sixth grade and got some black ones that I wore on the first day of school (true story).  I am pumped that they are back this year in so many styles, shapes, and colors!  I fell in love with the nude ones pictured above, that are from Old Navy and less than $35!  I had spied them on their website models, and was just praying they’d offer them for sale.  The first time I saw them on the site I bought them, and LOOOOVE them so much that I want the black ones too!  I have already worn them once with one of my swing dresses, and can’t wait to pair them with some flared jeans for another great 70’s throwback look!

8. Long Gray Cardigan

I love having cool, one of a kind pieces in my closet, but more than that, I like having lots and lots of mix and match basics that can be worn with 30 different tops and dresses to make a billion different outfits.  I need a basic cardi that I can wear with dresses, tunics and leggings, button ups and jeans, and everything in between.  I love that gray is a big color this fall, since it is a color (as boring as it is) that I gravitate towards.  This gray cardigan will get worn over and over.

9. Plaid Scarf

The plaid blanket scarf that me and you and everyone we know got last year (you know the one I’m talking about) is an awesome accessory that I plan on wearing again this year, but I want to add another one into the rotation!

10. Flare Jeans

Another trend from the 70’s that I am loving is the flare jean!  Now don’t get me wrong, I still love my skinnies for most days, but I love the look of flare jeans with platforms (with my nude platform clogs!) and a basic t shirt, or a flowy tank, or a fitted button up and blazer, there are so many cute options.  I got a suuuuuuper cute higher-waisted pair, and wouldn’t you know, they’re the perfect length with my platform clogs!  Plus, the great thing about flared jeans is that they make your legs look super long, even on a shorty like me!

11. Olive Skinny Pants

I love olive green, especially for the fall, and think it can be just as much a neutral as khaki or denim.  I had some olive maternity skinnies that I wore all.the.time. when I was pregnant, but since Ben’s about to turn three, I think I ought to spring for some regular ones, lol!

12. Tortoise-Shell Cat Eye Sunglasses

I have some basic aviators that I wear every day, but I like to have a few different pairs of sunglasses on hand in case I misplace a pair, or one of the kids steals them (and ruins them, of course), or something.  I want to pick up a pair of oversized cat eye sunglasses because I think they are very glamorous and flattering!  I always find great sunglasses at TJ Maxx, so I’ll probably start there.

13. Denim Skirt

In addition to this must-have list, I have a fall handmade fashion checklist too (more on that next week!), and a denim skirt is on that list!  I think a cross between a circle skirt and an a-line skirt, not too full but not too straight, that buttons down the front will be perfect.  I have found the perfect pattern, now to find the perfect denim for the project!

14. Brown Ankle Booties

I am pretty sure that this is the third year in a row that I have had brown booties on my fall must-have list!  And I have actually bought at least one pair each year, but they are never quite right (don’t you hate that?!).  I want something with a small heel, and something pretty low on the ankle (since I have short legs and don’t want to make them look any shorter!), so I am on the hunt!

So those are the main items at the top of my list that I am shopping for this fall!  What about you?  What trends do you like and what are you looking for?

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