Back to (Pre)School!

Tuesday was Gracie and Ben’s first day of preschool this year.  Ever since Brantley started school waaaaaaaay back at the beginning of August, Gracie has asked me nearly every day if she was going to school that day.  They have both been so excited, and the day finally came!

2015-08-25 07.18.01

Ben is my only child that is a morning person, but even he was pretty tired on Tuesday morning!

2015-08-25 07.18.03

“Ben, do you know what today is???”

2015-08-25 07.18.12


I got up extra early and had everyone’s outfits ready and backpacks packed, with plenty of time to take pictures, of course.

2015-08-25 07.28.44

My darling, happy boy on his first day of preschool.  ***Mama heart breaking***

2015-08-25 07.48.17

And my darling Gracie Girl on her way to Pre-K!  How did this happen so quickly??!

We dropped Brantley off and waited our hour in between drop-offs (Brantley starts school at 8:30, and Ben and Gracie don’t start until 9:30), and hopped out, ready to walk to their new classrooms.

2015-08-25 09.15.01

We dropped Grayson off first, and she hardly even hugged me goodbye, she was so excited to run in her classroom and see some of her sweet friends from last year!  My sweet, shy girl has come out of her shell, especially with her friends, and I am so proud of her growth and her gentle spirit. I held Ben’s hand as we started walking down to his classroom, and the tears began welling up in my eyes, each step closer we got.  But Ben was so excited.  We got to Mrs. Erin’s door (one of my sweet friends, thankfully), and he gave her a big hug, told her how excited he was, gave me a hug and a kiss, and inside he went.  Just like that.  My heart broke a little bit (a lotta bit), knowing my baby was heading into his first preschool class, but I was also so proud that he was so excited to learn, and play, and try something new.  He was ready, and I was so happy that he was exactly where he needed to be.

2015-08-25 09.49.38

So what was a mama to do when all three kids, for the first time ever, were all in school and I had time to myself?  I jumped in the car with another mama friend, and we went and got massages!!  The best first day of school ever!  I had no time to be teary, or think about how fast time is flying, because we were talking and laughing, and so excited to have some girl time and some pampering.  It was the most perfect distraction on a day that could’ve been pretty tough.

At pick up, Gracie came creeping out of her classroom, with a huge smile on her face, so happy after her first day of Pre-K.  We headed down the hall to get Ben, and as soon as the door cracked, he ran to me and yelled “MOMMY!!!!!” like her always does, and I smiled the biggest smile I possibly could, knowing he had a great day too.

I am so very thankful that I have a wonderful place to send my children every day, and can entrust them to such caring and capable teachers.  I am so thankful for their beautiful little personalities and their open, loving hearts, and that they are so excited to learn!  So here’s to another good school year in first grade for Brantley, Pre K for Gracie, and 2 Year Old Preschool for my Ben!

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