Meal Plan Monday

Hi friends!  Hope you had a great weekend.  I got on the ball, and planned out our menu for the week, and am sharing it today! Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole and Steamed Broccoli I bought a whole chicken for a reallllllllly great price, and plan on boiling it and using the chicken for this casserole recipe!  Add some steamed broccoli on the side, and dinner will be ready. Potato Soup and Dinner Rolls The Pioneer Woman pretty much never lets[Read more]

Friday Favorites

Whew!  What a week (I feel like I say that every week?)!  With school starting for the two little ones, two football games to cheer for, lots of work being done for our businesses, and everything in between, we are pretty ready for the weekend.  Thought I’d share some of my favorite things as of late, for a Friday Favorites post! Favorite Planner: Plum Paper Designs 2015 Planner I have tried and tried and tried to use a digital calendar[Read more]

Back to (Pre)School!

Tuesday was Gracie and Ben’s first day of preschool this year.  Ever since Brantley started school waaaaaaaay back at the beginning of August, Gracie has asked me nearly every day if she was going to school that day.  They have both been so excited, and the day finally came! Ben is my only child that is a morning person, but even he was pretty tired on Tuesday morning! “Ben, do you know what today is???” “YOUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!”[Read more]

Weekend Review

Today my middle baby and baby baby start preschool, so to distract me from the fact that I no longer have actual babies in my house, and though I am SO READY for them to go to school yet I am still super teary, I’m going to tell you about the awesome weekend we just had! Last Wednesday the 19th was mine and Scott’s 9th wedding anniversary.  For the last several years, we have not really bought each other gifts, but instead[Read more]

Friday- Week in Review

Whew!  FRIDAY.  Amiright?  We are ready for the weekend around here.  I thought I’d just share a few things that were happening in our world this week.  Other than counting down to today! Back to School 2.0 Brantley went back to school on August 5th, but Grayson and Bennett finally start school on Tuesday!  We had Open House last night, and both were so excited, have a few friends in their class, and are IN LOVE with their teachers.  Ben[Read more]

School Lunch Packing 101

School is back in session, and in our house, that means mama is packing lunches every day for my Brantley girl.  When Brantley was in kindergarten last year, I made her lunch ev-er-y-day, and though I started out excited to pack lunches, by the end of the year, my poor girl was getting whatever I could scrounge up in the pantry and the fridge.  But this year, I was determined to fix that! I plan out all our family’s dinners[Read more]

Meal Plan Monday

Hello!  We have been busy adjusting to our new school year routine, but I am back today with our meal plan for the week.  It’s interesting how my meal plans change from summer to fall, not just the ingredients and what sounds good on a hot summer night versus a chilly fall evening, but how I prefer much easier and convenient meals during the fall and winter because we are so busy and I’d rather not be cooking all afternoon![Read more]

Hello Monday

After a big week last week, here’s what we’re saying hello to on this fresh, new Monday morning! Hello First Grade!!  Brantley started school last Wednesday, and let’s just say that it has been a huge hit so far!  My biggest girl is not a morning person, but she popped right out of bed on Wednesday and was so excited (oh, if she would only pop out of bed like that every school day for the rest of the year!).  We’re only[Read more]

And Just Like That, Summer is Over

Today is very bittersweet for me.  I never expected to be a mom that was upset to see the school year start.  I am always so anxious for the new school supplies, for fall coming up, for new schedules and routines and structure, and some time for myself, but to be honest, I spent a lot of yesterday crying.   We have just had a rough past three weeks.  My ear infection that had me sidelined ended up turning into a double ear infection, bronchitis,[Read more]

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