Tuesday Randoms

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Family Pictures in Edisto Beach, SC


Hello Again!  I know, I know, right after I said I was back, I took another big long break, so I’m sorry!  I’ve been prepping for the beach, then at the beach, and I decided to not stress about posting while I was trying to relax, ha!  So, now that I’m back from the beach, and don’t have too much going on this week (except for laundry, laundry, laundry, and getting the house back in shape!), I’m here to share some randoms that I’ve accumulated over the last week or so…


…What a fun two beach trips we have just had!  We went to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (right between Jacksonville and St. Augustine) with my side of the family, and Edisto Beach, South Carolina with our Luton side of the family.  We are FINALLY at a point where beach vacations are getting easier again!  For the past five years, we have packed bottles, diapers, baby bathtubs, booster seats, pack and plays, baby tents, jumperoos, you name it, it went to the beach with us.  But now since the kids are a little older, and Bennett is thisclose to being potty trained, we throw a bunch of fun toys and games in the car, pack a few bags, and we’re good to go.  Packing is SO MUCH EASIER when you don’t have to remember the 400 baby gear items that your infant can’t live without (more like that you as a parent can’t imagine your infant living without, ha!).  And since Brantley, Gracie, and Ben are pretty good at independent play, unless they wanted to really get deeper into the ocean (which we did very little of due to all the shark worries), I could sit back in my beach chair and just watch them play in the sand, surf, and baby pool we brought down onto the beach (which, if you are taking your small children to the beach, is a MUST!)!!  We weren’t up and down, back and forth to the house like in years past, and MAN, was it nice.  I even gave myself an imaginary pat on the back to congratulate myself on getting this far!  And followed up by cracking open a beer to cheers myself on the parenting accomplishment. 🙂  And yes, I’ll be posting lots of beach pictures once I get caught up on al my other posts!

…Brantley is going to be cheering this fall!!!  We gave her the option of playing fall soccer or cheerleading, and my heart skipped a beat when she chose to cheer!  Her coach was looking for some help, and with my middle school, high school. college, and NCA experience, I offered to help and be the assistant coach!  Brantley is really excited, but I’m afraid it pales in comparison to how excited I am to see her cheer, and to be helping out right alongside her!!!

…I am all caught up on True Detective (last season’s finale was AMAZING!  But is anyone kind of so-so about this season so far???  Except for Taylor Kitsch, of course :)), and have started on Game of Thrones…and I kinda love it!  I am only about 4 episodes into season one, so I have a long way to go, but it’s living up to the hype!

…Brantley and Grayson are headed to Bammy and PaDaddy’s house next week for Princess Dance Camp in Blue Ridge! They are so excited and keep reminding Ben that he is not coming, ha!  But me and Ben will be getting the week to ourselves, since Scott will be out on the west coast for work.  It will be fun to have some one-on-one time with my big boy!  Hopefully we can get some long overdue projects done around the house, and maybe a few little mother and son field trips around town. 🙂

…Do you follow Proverbs 31 Ministries on Facebook?  If you are looking for a daily devotional that speaks to a woman’s soul, this is such a good one.  You can get them emailed directly to your inbox, or follow them on Facebook and get them in your newsfeed.  I like them emailed to me, since I prefer reading it first thing in the morning before I hit social media.  I feel like the last few weeks, there have been several that are speaking directly to me, and give me good perspective to start the day with.  Definitely worth trying out if you’re looking for a devotional that doesn’t take much effort!

…I’m getting antsy and eager to cut my hair again…and I’m tempted to cut it to a choppy chin length bob! Or something like an angled bob, longer in the front and shorter and stacked in the back.  Just as I’m able to pull it back, I am dying to cut it off again.  I love this, this and this.  What are your favorites??

…I’m so happy to have a pretty low key week this week.  Scott’s in town all week, we have a library story time and my bible study group, and a book store event, but nothing that we are absolutely tied to.  Bennett, Grayson, and Scott were all sick last week (Ben ran a fever all through the Edisto beach trip), and so a semi-lazy week is welcome around these parts.  June was so super busy, and loaded down with activities, which is very fun, and kept the kids busy and happy, but I think everything just ran us down a bit!  We have lots to do in July too, since I want to get a few more things crossed off the Bucket List before we go back to school!


That’s about all I can think of today.  Hoping your week is off to a good start!!

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