Hello Monday

Hello Monday!  After a fun weekend of Scott’s grandmother’s 90th Birthday Party, and hauling the girls to Blue Ridge to begin their week of Princess Dance Camp, I am excited to say hello to a new week.

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Hello week of just me and my boy!!  Like I mentioned, the girls are at dance camp with my mom this week, and Scott is on the west coast for work all week, and so it’s me and Ben on our own.  And I am SO EXCITED!  The last time I had one on one time with Bennett was the week of the Snowpacalypse a few years ago, when he was just over a year old, and he is so much more fun now!  I have some fun outings planned for us, and I am excited to only have to make meals for the two of us (ha!), and to give him every bit of my attention.

Hello Selfish Sewing!  This summer I have cut back on the number of orders I have been accepting, mainly to focus on time with the kids and Scott, but it has also allowed me a lot of time to do some sewing for myself that I have been putting off for SO LONG!  I used to be so intimidated of women’s sewing patterns, but there are so many new, modern, and very talented pattern makers in the “indie” sewing world, that there are so many amazing women’s clothing patterns that are right in my wheelhouse.  Just since the beginning of the summer, I have made three pairs of shorts, three dresses, two tunics, and I have yards and yards and yards of fabric just waiting to be cut into.  It’s the best kind of shopping when all you have to do is pick out a pattern, choose your fabric, and make an outfit to fit yourself perfectly!  It’s addicting!

Hello Back to School Prep!  I about died the other day when I found out that Brantley goes back school on AUGUST 5TH!!!  Like, 23 days from today?!!!  Now yes, we did get out of school on, like, May 16th or something, but I just can’t believe that we only have about three weeks of summer left.  Cliche as it may be, this summer has just flown, and I’m just not ready yet (thankfully Ben and Gracie don’t start until the end of August!).  BUT, despite us not being ready, school will still begin on the 5th, so we have to get ready!!  We need to get back on our sleep schedule and bedtime/morning routines, and do a bit of back-to-school clothes shopping, and my favorite, school supply shopping!!!  As fun as back to school as always been for me (fall is such a fun time of year!!), I really am sad that the summer is coming to an end.  We have had so much fun, had lazy days and busy fun-filled days, and more than anything, I am just so thankful I have been able to spend it with my sweet babies.




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