Summer Bucket List 2015

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We are pretty pumped about summer around here.  We have had a few lazy days this week, which have been fantastic (and I’m sure we’ll have plenty more), but we are ready to do some fun things and make the most of our time off from school!  So, as we do every year, we compiled a fun summer bucket list, of the things that we want to do together. Some are new additions and some are old favorites, but all will ensure a memorable summer!  We may or may not get through them all, but at least the list will provide a guideline, and lots of fun ideas, so that the summer won’t slip past us!  So here’s what’s on our list this year:

Beach (We’re going to St. Augustine and Edisto Beach this year)


Swim Lessons


Splash Park (we went to one in Roswell last year that was fun, and plan on going back there and to one in Athens too!)

Aurora Theater in Lawrenceville for some summer children’s plays

Dance Camp (Brantley and Grayson are going to Princes Ballet Dance Camp in Blue Ridge!)

Pick Strawberries

Farmers Market

Make Homemade Lemonade

Make Homemade Ice Cream

Play in the Sprinklers

Check Out and Read Library Books (and Brantley will DEFINITELY be doing this!)

Butterfly Garden Kit (Have you seen these?!  Just ordered it and I can’t wait!  I think the kids will LOVE it!)

Make Homemade Pizzas

Plant a Garden

See a Performance at the Center for Puppetry Arts

Go to the Zoo!

Vacation Bible School


INK Children’s Museum 


Feed the Ducks at the Park

Wash the Cars

Storytime at the Library

Movie Night


And a few more things that I couldn’t fit on the chalkboard…


$1 Movies at the Theater


Fort Yargo State Park (It has a lake and a beach!)

Make Homemade Granola Bars

Sidewalk Chalk Art

What are you planning for the summer??  Or do you just take the spontaneous route and wake up each morning ready for a new adventure?  I’d love to hear more ideas and add them to our list!

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