#LutonSummerofFun2015 Kick Off Party

Last Friday was our last day of school, and marked the beginning of our summer!!!  I decided that I really wanted to have  big celebration once Brantley got home from school, to celebrate an awesome school year behind us, and to kick off a summer full of fun!

2015-05-15 15.48.36

This was the sign I taped to the garage door as we entered the house.  I, of course, had Brantley read it aloud to gain entry!  The kids went and put their suits on, and I headed to the backyard to finish setting up.  I had our bouncy house and pool/slip and slide out, and just blew them up quickly (a blower for the bouncy house, and a $5 hand pump for the pool) while the kids waited in the playroom.  I filled some water balloons with a great little kit from Wal Mart that had a container with a water pump on the top that you just fastened the balloons to, pump the water into, and tie the balloon off!  Easy and fast.  I also got a bubble blowing kit that had a container with a spout, several small cups, and lots of wands so that each child could have their own cup of bubble solution and plenty of wands.  We had to buy the bubble solution separately, but we’ll use it all summer!

2015-05-15 15.59.19

2015-05-15 15.59.24

Once everything was set up and ready, the kids came out!  They were so excited for our own little backyard party!

2015-05-15 16.27.16

2015-05-15 16.27.08

2015-05-15 16.26.57

2015-05-15 16.26.45

2015-05-15 16.30.50

2015-05-15 16.54.53

2015-05-15 16.55.50

2015-05-15 16.24.21

2015-05-15 16.23.08

After the kids played for a while, I brought out their favorite summer treat, watermelon!  And capri suns, of course. 🙂

2015-05-15 16.35.09

2015-05-15 16.35.35

2015-05-15 16.35.37

2015-05-15 17.29.03

You know that saying, “Sometimes the most memorable days end with the dirtiest clothes”?  Welp, this was one of them.  I remember thinking what a perfect afternoon it was.  The kids were happy and not arguing, they were playing so nicely together, the weather was great, and they were so happy with their party which made me so happy.  So often (like 9 times out of 10) things I plan just don’t turn out how I envision them, and I end up disappointed and/or discouraged.  I’ll decide to take the kids out to dinner, but Brantley will cry and pout because we don’t go where she wants to go.  Or I’ll take the kids to the park, and Ben will push another kid on the playground and I’ll have an angry grandma coming after me (True story.  And geez, lady, he’s only two.  And I made him apologize and give Billy a hug.  Not sure what else I can do about it.).  But not this day.  It was great.  I didn’t even care that the kids tracked in tons of mud and my outdoor rug was a mess.  I’m usually a stickler for bedtimes, but they got to stay up late.  It was just one of those afternoons that you want to put in your pocket, and pull out when you’re crying in Kroger with two screaming kids in the cart (also a true story).  It was just the way I wanted to start our summer.

2015-05-15 16.30.05

I am excited for the rest of the summer and what lies in store in the next few months!  Here’s to the Luton Summer of Fun 2015!!

2015-05-15 17.46.34

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