Hello Monday

After a full and beautiful weekend, here are some things that I am saying hello to on this Monday morning…

2015-04-27 19.11.32

Hallelujah, Hello only 10 more days of school left!!!  I think the kids are just as excited to be out of school for summer as I am.  We are ready for some jammie days, some relaxed fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants kind of days.  Right before swim lessons start, then two beach trips, Vacation Bible School, Dance Camp, Golf Camp, etc., etc.  Does anyone else’s summer seem to fill up before it even begins?!  Either way, the count down is on for the long, lazt days of summer!

2015-05-02 15.44.57

Hello afternoon Iced Coffee!  I love a good, strong, caffinated pick me up during carpool to get me through the rest of the day.  It’s getting too warm in the afternoons now for a steaming coffee bev, so a simple iced coffee with half and half and whipped cream is fitting the bill just right.

2015-04-30 16.32.35

Hello weekly pizzas.  I am not one to replicate dinners each week, like Taco Tuesday or Spaghetti every Friday night, or whatever, since I really like trying lots of new and different recipes each week (that and I just get bored easily with repeated dinners!).  But, we have had pizza one night each of the past two weeks, and I think I’m going to start a homemade pizza night once a week!  I have made two different pizzas he last two weeks, and though they are both pizzas, they have been so very different and it’s fun to play around with different toppings and flavors.  Up next: Spinach and Artichoke!

2015-05-02 11.26.29

Hello amazing Spring weather!  Brantley had a soccer game on Saturday morning, and then a “Fun Day” at the soccer fields afterwards, and we had the most glorious weather for all of it.  We have had such a rainy spring this year, but I feel like it has stretched the mild weather out longer than previous seasons.  I’m just hoping these beautiful 75 degree days hang on a while longer before we’re stuck in the 90’s for months on end!


My birthday is the 19th, so I’m excited that May is here!  Of course, in our family, May is crazy busy, with 5 birthdays, Mother’s Day, end of school, end of soccer, and all that goes into those occasions, but I am excited about Mother’s Day and my birthday, and a little bit of whatever mommy wants to do on those days!  Sounds good to me!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and are excited about the start to this new week!

What are you saying hello to today?!

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