Timeline of an Attempt to Take a Decent Easter Photo

I don’t know about you, but it takes me, on average, about 478 snapshots of my darling (but totally crazy) children before I actually get a decent one (maybe a *smidge* of an exaggeration, but it seriously feels that way).  Add an impatient husband, a week-long sugar high, and the promise of an impending tea party, and well, it’s pretty much impossible.  So here is exactly what happens, in order, as we tried to take an Easter photo yesterday… Try[Read more]

Friday Favorites

I knew this week was going to be busy, but WHOA!!  We had three Easter Egg Hunts, an Easter Party, I had a doctor’s appointment, a membership drive for my MOMS group, a checkup for Bennett, I mean, you name it and we did it this week.  I was in the car all day yesterday running around town and I am just BEAT today.  Thankfully, though, today is the first day of our SPRING BREAK!!  Whoo-hoo!  Probably haven’t been this[Read more]

What I Wore Wednesday

Finally, I took the time to assemble another WIWW post!  The weather, over the last few weeks, has been about as unpredictable and as varied as possible.  75 degrees and sunny one day, and 50 the next.  Not only is it totally frustrating, since I am so ready for warm weather (consistent warm weather), but it is so hard to know what to wear and how to dress the kids! I have been trying to dress myself and the kids in[Read more]

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