Friday Favorites

I knew this week was going to be busy, but WHOA!!  We had three Easter Egg Hunts, an Easter Party, I had a doctor’s appointment, a membership drive for my MOMS group, a checkup for Bennett, I mean, you name it and we did it this week.  I was in the car all day yesterday running around town and I am just BEAT today.  Thankfully, though, today is the first day of our SPRING BREAK!!  Whoo-hoo!  Probably haven’t been this excited about spring break since college!  We have been so busy, and we are all running on empty.  I think a week of taking it easy and doing a few fun things will be just what we need to recharge our batteries.

SO!  Onto my Friday Favorites for the week!

Favorite New Chick Fil A Treat: Frosted Lemonade

Umm…have you tried one of these yet?  If not, leave now.  Go get in the car, drive to Chick Fil A, pick one up in the drive thru.  Come back home, and continue reading this post.  I’ll wait.  The Chick Fil A Ice Dream is for sure my favorite ice cream ever, so blending it with their signature lemonade is a homerun in my book.  Pretty sure these will be my guilty pleasure all summer long!

2015-03-26 09.33.44

Favorite Instagram Account: @assholeparents

If you have a toddler that throws temper tantrums over the most ridiculous things (as seen above: I would not let Ben have his fourth orange of the morning), and want to be among friends, take a look at @assholeparents.  The feed is full of hilarious pictures of children screaming and crying because of things their “asshole parents” did.  Like, wouldn’t let them run with knives, or gave them the cereal that they asked for.  It is so funny, and reminds you that the toddler life is definitely the hardest life.

Favorite Classic Tote: Reversible Vegan Leather Tote from Nordstrom

I had been crushing on this Madewell bag for quite sometime, but was’t intereseted in just randomly dropping $168 on a basic (though classic and beautiful) bag.  Enter this awesome, and extremely similar bag from Nordstrom, for a third of the price!  It’s faux leather, though that’s not a problem for me, since it’s much easier to wipe down and keep clean.  My bag is reversible tan and gold, and I love the combination.  There are four different colors options (my tan and gold isn’t available anymore) to fit any wardrobe need, and it’s very durable and strong.  I have used it everyday, hauling my normal purse stuff, and also waters and snacks, and toys, and everything in between, and it still looks great.  A fantastic buy for someone who wants a great, classic tote for a good price!

Favorite Easter Candy: Cadbury Mini Eggs

AKA crack.  I have to hide these from the kids because they are crack to kids too.  I start hoarding these the minute I see them hit the grocery aisles to build up a good supply, that never lasts.  They are so delicious with the most delicious chocolate and the most perfect candy crust.  YUM.

That’s all I’ve got for today!  We are excited for Spring Break, and excited for this upcoming Easter weekend.  I hope you have a wonderful one, spent with friends and family.  He is Risen, indeed!

Happy Easter, friends!  See you Monday!

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