What I Wore Wednesday

I have two outfits to share today for WIWW!  We spent a lot of time in comfies and jammies during the bad weather we had last week, so nothing else was really share-worthy, ha!  But here are two that were somewhat presentable…


I wore this out last Friday when I was running a few errands, and I felt very pulled together (something that whether or not I look it, I don’t feel very often!).  My trusty plaid flannel blanket scarf topped off another favorite of mine, an ivory woven tunic with lace detail at the top.  I think the lace looks pretty summery, so liked that the scarf covered it up.  And then the olive green velvet blazer is a piece I picked up this year through an local Instagrammer that does consignment IG sales to fund her family’s adoption!  She is @amysevolvingcloset, and has amazing finds for women, babies, and kids, always very aware of good name brands and designer labels.  I have bought Ben a ton of things from her since sweet boys clothes can be really hard to find sometimes! Everything is always in excellent condition, popular styles and brands, and I have been happy with everything.  So check her out if you like shopping consignment but hate the crazy crowds and having to pull a laundry basket behind you.  But I will fight you for those boys 3Ts!

Olive Blazer- @amysevolvingcloset on Instagram

Ivory Woven Tunic- Urban Outfitters

Plaid Flannel Blanket Scarf- Groop Dealz

Skinny Jeans- Old Navy

Leopard Wedges- Amazon


This is what I wore out yesterday, running errands, reading at the preschool, going to Mom’s club, etc, etc, etc, all in the misty, yucky rain.  I really need to get a hooded raincoat (I think I have been saying that for about 10 years now, but raincoats are just not that much fun to buy), but I pulled this old war horse out of my closet.  I have had this  khaki trench since college, way back when Banana Republic outerwear was somewhat affordable, and I had a bit of expendable income to blow on whatever I wanted!  But, in it’s defense, it’s a great, classic silhouette, and looks as current as it did 14 years ago (yikes!).  I threw on a navy floral tunic, my jeggings and rainboots, and  didn’t let the rain keep me down!

Khaki Trench Coat- Banana Republic a lifetime ago

Navy Floral Tunic- Old Navy

Denim Jeggings- Target

Hunter Rainboots- Zappos

That’s all I have for today!  I will be linking up at The Pleated Poppy, so click on over and check out all the outfit and fashion inspiration!

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