Hello Monday

Happy Monday!  After Scott being gone for 5 nights last week, we had a family-filled fun weekend, and the kids soaked up some great Daddy-time.  We’re prepping for him being gone again this week (he leaves tomorrow afternoon and comes back late Friday night), but first, saying hello to a few things on this Springtime Monday morning.

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Hello my little soccer player!!!  Brantley had her first official soccer game on Saturday, and it was awesome.  This is our first team sports experience as parents, and it was even better than I had expected.  Both Scott and I played team sports all throughout our childhoods, and loved every minute of it.  I have so many wonderful memories of Saturdays at the ballfield, Friday night football games, tennis meets, the friendships, the competition, and the lessons learned through team sports.  To experience it as a parent is different, but so exciting, especially since Brantley was SO excited and having so much fun.  It was the crazy and chaotic environment I remember from my childhood (though it was more often softball and baseball for me, since I never played soccer), full of families with small children running all over, and team moms with coolers full of capri suns and goldfish, and anxious dads cheering for their kids from the edge of the field.  We had a beautiful day with nearly perfect weather, which made the experience just that much better.  And we would have been proud of Brantley no mater how she did, but she got right in there, ran her little heart out and got after that ball every chance she got.  She really played so well, and I yelled and screamed and cheered for that girl, just like I remember my parents doing for me.  I loved that everytime she was out of the game while the other girls got a chance to play, she would come over to give us hugs and high fives with the biggest smile on her face.  It was the first day of many years of organized sports (I would imagine…I hope?!), and it was just amazing.  It was honestly one of my favorite days as a mother so far, and made me so proud of our family.

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Hello Cinderella! After soccer yesterday, the kids were rewarded for being good and listening all week (for the most part) while Scott was gone with a trip to the movies to see Cinderella.  It was a wonderful movie and perfect for little girls.  The movie had a slight twist on the original classic fairytale by making the focus on having courage and being kind like Cinderella was.  It didn’t seem like the prince was whisking Cinderella away, or stepping in to save the day, or rescuing her, but Cinderella made her own way and because she had courage, even when it was really hard, and she was always kind, even when (especially when) people didn’t deserve it, she ended up with a happy ending.  She controlled her destiny.  And I liked that very much.  It was still so magical and beautiful, but it was Cinderella’s positive outlook and her kind heart, not the prince, that made her happily ever after.  Both Grayson and Brantley did really well through the whole movie, but, as I’m sure you could imagine, Bennett was out for the count before the movie really began.  Scott and I alternated taking him outside, letting him play on my phone, and letting him run up and down the entrance/exit ramp into the theater to make it through the movie.  But it really was worth it because it was a great movie and a fun family outing.  I highly recommend it for kids 4 (or almost 4 :)) and up!

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Hello SALADS!  When warmer weather kicks in, I start craving lighter meals.  Gone are the heavy casseroles and soups and stews, and comfort food of the fall and winter.  We welcome grilled meats and veggies, and especially delicious salads topped with lots of yummy additions, to the weekly meal plan.  Last Friday I hosted a Mom’s Club playdate at our house, and we had a salad theme.  I provided a few different salad green mixes (romaine, a spring mix, a traditional iceburg mix) and several different dressings, and then everyone who came brought different (or a few different) salad toppings.  It was a big hit!  We had cheese, croutons, avocaodo, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, bacon bits, craisins, grilled chicken, sunflower seeds and a few other things, and we had our own little salad bar for lunch!  Everyone was able to make a salad to their liking with plenty of options.  Even the kids were excited about eating a salad when they got to build it themselves!  It was easy for everyone attending, since all they had to bring was a vegetable or a bag of cheese or whatever, and it was easy for me as the host too, since I just bought a few containers of salad mixes (on sale!), and a few bottles of dressing.  It was a great way to eat a healthy lunch with friends, and get a jump start of light and delicious meals for the springtime.

 Hello new items in the etsy shop!  I have been adding more and more new Spring items into the shop and will be adding even more in the upcoming weeks.  I have been using lots of new beautiful spring fabrics that have been turning into such sweet sets for warmer weather.  I am up to my ears in Easter orders right now and for the next week or so, but keep your eyes open for even more new styles coming soon!

Hello another loooong week ahead.  So last week, I was solo-parenting as Scott was out of town Sunday through Friday.  He’s home tonight, but as I mentioned above, will be traveling again Tuesday through Friday.  It makes for a tough week when he’s gone, as I’m sure you can imagine, with three kids five and under!  I just have to remind myself to be patient (one of the hardest things for me), just do what needs to be done, and take one day at a time, and to set two alarms in the mornings!  Brantley has a list of four things she has to do during the week, and if she’s good and follows directions, and helps me out, the littler ones usually follow in suit, and then we get to celebrate with a reward when Scott gets home (the trip to see Cinderella was the reward from last week).  Hopefully that will work again this week, and we can really celebrate when Scott gets home on Friday and ill be home for a while!

That’s about it for me today.  What are you saying hello to on this Monday?


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