Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  After a week of nap boycotts (I’m looking at you, Ben) and crazy Daylight Savings Time sleep schedules, everyone in our house is pretty tired and ready for the weekend.  And extra bonus, today is a Teacher Workday, so nobody has school today!!  Hooray!!  I’m pretty sure mama is always the most excited person in the household when there’s no school.  So we’re pumped for a three day weekend, which includes a fun playdate, soccer,  birthday parties, and hopefully a few naps!

So for my Friday Favorites today, in honor of the awesome springtime weather (please stay, please stay, please stay!), I’m going to highlight a few of our favorite things for spring!

Favorite Shoes for Ben for the Summer:

Keens and Crocs



Oh, that sweet boy of mine.  You know, around our house, unless our heat is out in the winter, and it’s 50 degrees in the house, we walk around barefoot.  Ben especially.  So, NO. MATTER. WHAT. this kid always strips off his shoes and socks the second he walks in the house, and 99% of the time in the backseat of the car too (I have a ridiculous collection of socks in the car thanks to my boy :)).  So, during the warmer months, the easier the better.  No socks unless absolutely necessary (and when you’re 2, when are socks really absolutely necessary?), and the quicker he and I can get them on and off, the better.  Last summer, he had a pair of Crocs and a pair of Keens, and he was in one of those two pairs of shoes 99% of the time.  They are both durable and easy to clean, cute with shorts and t shirts and jon-jons, no laces to tie- the Crocs slip on, and the Keens velcro!  I was lucky to find two pairs of Crocs in perfect condition on Ebay, and a pristine pair of Keens at our preschool’s consignment sale last week, but even paying full price, they would be worth every penny, as much as he’ll wear them!

Favorite Shoes for the Girls for the Summer:

Saltwater Sandals


Brantley and Grayson have worn classic Saltwater Sandals since they were babies.  They are comfortable and so sweet, made of leather so you can literally wade in the ocean (hence “saltwater” sandals), rinse them off, and wear them out to dinner!  They’re precious with dresses, or shorts and t shirts.  We’ve bought them full price, from Ebay, from consignment sales, and they always clean up so well, are very durable and wear well, and they come in a million colors, so you can get them to match anything.  A pair of neutral ones (white, silver or gold) and a pair of bright, colorful ones, and the girls will be set for the summer!

(New) Favorite Sport:


2015-03-12 18.14.11

I played lots of sports growing up, from about the time I was in 2nd grade or so, all the way through college.  Sports were always so important to me and my family, and I always loved the competition, the exercise, the social aspects, the camaraderie, and being involved in lots of different activities.  I played softball, tennis, basketball ( for one painful season), and cheered for many years.  But I never did participate in soccer.  So, when we gave Brantley the option of playing softball or soccer this spring, my heart sunk a little when Brantley chose the one sport I really didn’t have much of an opinion of, and one I never played myself, soccer.  BUT.  When I watched her practice last night, I realized that I LOVE soccer.  Not because I understand or know anything about the game, but because I see that same sparkle in my big girl’s eyes that I had when I was a little girl.  She can sense that she’s fast and that she’s coordinated, and that this might be something she’s good at.  She’s having fun with other sweet little girls, and they’re active, and healthy, and they love soccer.  My girl loves soccer, and so do I.  The smile across her face is absolutely priceless, and I really cannot wait for her first game.  And by the way, her uniform comes complete with a matching bow.  I mean, how much more Southern can you get?!  If their uniforms come complete with a matching bow, maybe this soccer thing won’t be so bad. 🙂  Either way, I’m gonna be the craziest and loudest soccer mom out there.  I will br soccer’s number one fan, as long as my Brantley girl is out there on the field.

Favorite Salad-

Southwest Pepper Jack Salad

I don’t know about you, but once the temperatures start rising, I crave lighter dishes for dinner, and lots of salads.  I made this Southwest Pepper Jack Salad with Avocado Salsa Dressing a few weeks ago, and it was delicious.  We ate some grilled chicken with it, but it would be fine without it too.  The dressing is so easy to make, and is amazing.  This salad would be plenty for a lunch or dinner on it’s own, or as a sidedish to tacos or another Mexican entree.  Throw some grilled chicken or shrimp (yum!) on the salad, and you’ve got the perfect light spring (and/or summer) dinner!

Favorite Item to add to my Spring Wardrobe:

Denim Vest

I have been compiling my seasonal fashion must-haves (coming next week!), and this cute denim vest (a la Amanda in 7th grade) tops it.  I almost bought one last year, but it was late in the season, and my eyes were looking toward sweaters and jeans and boots!  But now, I think a light wash denim vest would be cute with t shirts and skirts, but especially with maxi dresses, and with t shirt dresses or a fresh, layered look, without adding too much bulk or weight, since it will be for the spring and summer!  I think this spring has  a lot of cute pieces and looks that will be great wardrobe additions, and I think this will be one of them!

So, that’s it for the day!  I hope you have a great weekend, and have some fun plans ahead of you. See you Monday!

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