Friday Favorites

TGIF, friends!  This week has drug by for me, mainly because, mine and Scott’s long-awaited adults only weekend away is finally here!  Scott and I have our bags packed, and we’re headed to Savannah, in the car by ourselves without We-Sing playing in the CD player or a Disney movie in the DVD player!  I have a bag of magazines to look through, and nobody to steal my candy.  We are so excited!!!  A short getaway is long overdue for us, and though Scott has to work for a bit, I plan on soaking the break in, sleeping late, getting some quality “me” time, then getting two nights-worth of dates with my favorite guy!  About time!

Anyway, I have some new favorites this week that I thought I would share before I sign off for the weekend…

Favorite New Breakfast:

Toasted Coconut Pancakes with Salted Caramel Sauce


I am not a big sweet breakfast fan.  As a matter of fact, I’m not a big breakfast person in general.  But, the kids love having pancakes on the weekend, and I don’t mind them every once in a while, so I indulge them whenever they request them.  I had heard that this Trader Joe’s Toasted Coconut Pancake Mix was really good, and decided to pick some up when I was shopping last week.  WELL.  Let me just tell you that it is amazing.  All you have to do is add water to the mix and drop some batter on a hot, buttered griddle to get some really delicious hotcakes.  My mom sent me the best gift of homemade caramels and caramel sauce for Valentine’s Day, and I thought, why use the same old syrup when I can drizzle caramel sauce on top??  Easy decision.  And best tasting pancakes I’ve made in a while.  I made two batches, and we had plenty leftover that I wrapped up and put in the freezer for easy weekday reheating.  It was almost like eating a coconut caramel cake, but not as sweet as a typical dessert, which, I think, is why I thought it was just so good.  Worth a shot.  Trust me!

Favorite New Bedtime Routine:

Brantley Reading Bible Stories

Brantley has been learning to read in Kindergarten and the growth in her vocabulary and comprehension lately has been really, really incredible.  She reads anything and everything she can, and loves reading to Bennett and Grayson when they play “school.” We have been reading together at bedtime for quite some time, but lately we have taken to reading her little children’s Bible, and she reads me a Bible story every night before bed.  They are abbreviated stories with illustrations, and are pretty easy to get through with a new reader.  I so proud of her for sounding out words and figuring them out on her own, and I know how proud she is of herself each night, when she finishes her story.  Plus, she’s learning and reading stories from the Bible, which sound so beautiful and innocent coming from the mouth of a child.  Bedtime has always been a popular time of day at our house (ha), but now I look forward to it each night, and listening to my big girl read to us.

Favorite Snack:

Dove Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

These Dove Chocolate Covered Cherries caught my eye in the store the other day, and I had to try them out.  Ummm…yum.  They are the perfect little chocolate morsels that taste like an even more delicious raisinette (if you can even IMAGINE!).  If I could improve anything about these amazing treats, it would be that Dove would package them by serving size, so I wouldn’t eat 6 servings in one sitting (oops)!  If you are craving some chocolate and don’t want to feel (too) guilty, try them out!  If they are not for you, just ship them on to me, and I’ll finish them up for you.  But I am sure that you’ll be as obsessed as me!

I’m going to cut it off early today since I am on vacay for the rest of the weekend!  I hope you have a great one, and see you on Monday!


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