Amanda’s Spring 2015 Fashion Must Haves

 The new season is upon us, friends!  I am a big fan of boots and sweaters and jeans, but after this yucky winter and lots of super cold weather, I am ready for bare legs, sandals, and loose, lightweight tunics.  Spring is here, and I am ready for some new clothes!
Every season I make myself a “must haves” list.  I love buying clothes, but unless I focus my attention on a few key pieces that I really want, I will fill my closet with lots of random garments, and none of which go together to make a complete outfit.  So I try to stick to my must haves so that when I’m out shopping, I can remember what I really want and stay happy with my buying choices all season long.
So here’s what I’m looking for this Spring!

 Denim Romper

I have to admit, I was pretty sure the romper trend was not for me.  I am short with short legs and a long torso, and I like a pretty modest inseam on my shorts, so I thought that they just might not work on me.  Until I saw the denim ones!  And it landed as #1 on the list.  I love the idea of a lightweight chambray-like material and the simplicity of a one piece outfit.  Now, I am pretty sure the hunt for the perfect one will take all season, but everywhere I go, you can bet I will be looking for one.  I will report back with my findings…

Short Sleeve Shift Dresses

I love a good knit dress as much as the next gal, but in 90 degree heat for the majority of the warm months, a clingy fabric does not work so well for me.  Last year I bought a few loose, shift-style dresses that hand straight from the shoulders in lightweight woven fabrics, and WOW.  They were the dresses I reached for over and over.  The looser silhouette was not only flattering and stylish, but it was much cooler than knit!  Plus, I didn’t have to sport my spanx in sweltering July humidity.  Score all around.

Designer Gold Studs

I don’t change my earrings very often, unless it’s a special occasion (and we all know how often those come around nowadays), but I always have earrings in.  I think these cute studs from Tory Burch will be perfect to wear all summer long, and will add a little designer flair to my wardrobe.  Since pretty much any other Tory Burch is out of my price range, ha!

Lightweight Tunics and T’s

Again, last year I bought several loose woven tunics and button ups, and lived in them.  I plan on doing the same thing this year, and pairing these versatile tops with a rainbow of different shorts options, as well as a few pairs of lightweight skinny jeans in light denim, pink, and white.  I love the pastel color palette that I am drawn to this Spring, though it is typically pretty far out of my wheelhouse.  But I love chambray with white for a crisp look that’s classic all throughout the warmer months, and really love the addition of navy to add a nautical and graphic feel.

Pink Skinny Jeans

These are actually carried over from last Spring.  I never did find the perfect pair of light pink skinny jeans, so I am on the hunt again this year!  I think they are feminine and romantic, and will be really cute with blousy tunics and of course, chambray.

Sleeveless Denim Vest 

Another top must-have for me this season!  I started seeing these at the end of summer last year, and almost pulled the trigger, but I was already dreaming of vests, scarves, and other cold weather goodies.  But I love a good layering piece, and am imagining wearing this vest with sleeveless maxi dresses, and also with striped long sleeve t’s and shorts before it gets too warm.

Floral Shorts

Speaking of striped t shirts, I love the look of pattern mixing, especially stripes and florals.  The shorts shown above are perfect for me this season, since they feature the exact colors I’m gravitating towards: navy, pink, and light blue.  I can see these with a basic t, a chambray tunic, or a cute navy and white striped t.  Plus, they are UNDER $15 from Old Navy!

Nude Ankle Booties

Another carry over from past seasons…I have been on the hunt for a season-less nude ankle bootie to wear with dresses, skinny jeans, and everything in between for some time now.  I’m thinking perforated suede?  A think leather?  I think they’ll be very cute for this in-between weather, since, no doubt, my feet will sweat like hell in them once June hits.  Better find them soon.  And on sale.

Thin Stackable Cuff Bracelets

I love layering my jewelry, and love the look of wearing several delicate bangle bracelets together.  I want to grab several pretty gold cuffs to wear together or alone to just lightly accessorize each day.

Striped Shorts

Again, same idea as the floral shorts.  I love the graphic look of these shorts, and the contrast against the pastels that will take over the rest of the closet.  They will look cute with solids, with blousy tunics and light weight t’s, and even with a button up and lightweight gray blazer for right now!

Long Crystal, Tassel, and Agate Necklaces

I love all of these long hippie-style natural stone and tassel necklaces that I am seeing all over.  I love a good statement necklace, but again, I am all about the delicate jewelry this season, and think these pretty necklaces will be just what a simple tunic or shift dress will need.  Plus, they look gorgeous all layered up together, without being too heavy or overwhelming.

Nude Leather Band Watch

Scott actually got a jump on this one for me!  I got this watch for Christmas, and have been wearing it pretty much every day ever since.  I hardly even notice it on my arm, and though I love a good chunky menswear-style watch too, this one definitely fits in with the simpler aesthetic I keep seeing over and over.  The watch face is still a bit oversized, so I wouldn’t necessarily call it delicate, but it blends right in with the pastels and dainty gold jewelry on the rest of my list.

Strappy Nude Flat Sandals

I had a fantastic pair that I got last year from Old Navy that I loved, that Dolly promptly chewed up after she came to live with us last summer. :/ I love the gladiator-style without being up-my-calf-strappy, and the nude will go with practically everything.  I plan on reaching for these pretty much everyday, so a nicer pair might be in the cards this summer…

And that about does it for my Fashion Must Have’s for Spring 2015!  What am I missing??  Do you agree? Disagree?  What’s on your must have list??

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