What I Wore Wednesday

I want to be better about keeping up with my WIWW posts, because it keeps me accountable and  inspires me to make intentional choices when it comes to my closet (and helps me weed things out for donating/consigning!). I also want to consistently post WIWWs because I get such great responses and encouragement from these posts!  So, thank you!  I’ll try my very best to do better!

I only have one outfit to share today (better than nothing, right?):


Can’t figure out why this picture is so fuzzy??  See, lots of wordpress wrinkles to iron out still…


So, the weather has been COLD here, but we have yet to get snow at our house.  It snows 5 miles away, in every direction it seems, but not here.  But when that snow does come blizzard-ing in, I will be ready!!  I swear fleece leggings really are warmer than any other pants, jeans, whatever.   So even the coldest days, I have been wearing my fleece leggings with tunics, cowls, jackets, and a hundred more layers and am nice, cozy, and toasty.  I got these snow boots after the ice storm/snowmageddon of 2014.  They are really perfect for snowy, icy, slushy weather, because they are part waterproof duck boot on the bottom, and warm waterproof suede, leather and fur at the top.  I layered them with some boot socks and these tootsies are snug and warm. On top, I layered three of my favorite (and most worn) pieces, my black Piko tunic, gray cowl, and camo jacket.  I have noticed that I have been wearing lots of dark neutrals this winter (though I think I do this every winter), and I think I am ready for pretty spring pastels and bright summer colors! I am one with winter drab!

Black Piko Tunic- Groop Dealz

Gray Cowl- Etsy

Camo Jacket- Abercrombie and Fitch via TJ Maxx

Brown Cable Knit Leggings- WalMart

Cream Lace Boot Socks- Groop Dealz

Leather and Fur Duck Boots- Zulily

I will be linking up over at The Pleated Poppy for lots of cute weekly fashion inspiration.  Check it out!

What are you wearing out in this snowy and icy winter mess?

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